Operations Officer at the Benue State Community and Social Development Agency

The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has received a credit/loan from the World Bank/International Development Association (IDA) towards the Community and Social Development Project (CSDP), The Project Development Objective is to increase access of poor people to social and natural resources infrastructure service in a sustainable manner. This will be achieved through the provision of grant support to beneficiary communities based on their identified, prioritized micro projects in the Community Development Plans (CDPs) which are to be implemented, maintained and utilized by them using Community Driven Development (CDD) approach. In this regard, the Benue State Community and Social Development Agency invites application from suitably qualified candidates from the public and private sectors for recruitment into the position below:Job Title: Operations Officer Location: BenueSlot: 2ResponsibilitiesSensitize and mobilize communities on CSDP project objectives and activities as well as issues related to HIV/AIDS.Facilitate communities to undertake needs assessment and prioritization that are socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.Facilitate communities in the formulation of CDP in line with (b) above;Build capacity of the CPMCs and LGRC Desk Officers, as appropriate, through providing training in requisite areas eg. Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs), record and book keeping, project management, mainstreaming gender, environment and natural resources issues etc. as identified by the Project Officer-IEC and Training;Supervise the implementation of the CDPs to ensure quality assurance;Ensure timely replenishment of accounts by the CPMCs;Collect, collate and forward to the M&E Department, information/data on micro-project activities in communities;Submission of monthly, quarterly and annual departmental reports to M&E Department on schedule, through the Manager Operations;Set monthly and quarterly performance targets based on the work plan;Submit regular reports to Project Officer on relevant section for whose activity they are deployed at any point in time;Responsible to the Project Officer, Supervision.

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