Monkey Media Limited Internship Career Sprout Project 2017 (ICSP17)

Monkey Media Limited is an international entertainment company located in Lagos, Nigeria and a branch office in North Carolina, USA. We are registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria with registration number RC 1357568 established in January 2016.Applications are invited for: Title: Internship Career Sprout Project 2017 (ICSP17)Location: LagosHow ICSP17 WorksOur programme is a 3 -12 months adventure providing you with an opportunity to challenge and be inspired to reach your full potential. You’ll enjoy the backing and support of a mentor and work group who will give you an introduction to our culture and help you successfully navigate your career in limited time.The ICSP17:Over the course of your 3 -12 months internship programme with us, you’ll learn and grow from broad, challenging and varied experiences.We’ll give you real job(s) with real life scenarios and accountability. You will learn how to identify wider opportunities, problems and develop solutions to such problems, giving you a chance to acquire genuine knowledge in your career path.You will get to represent our brand on your campusYou’ll drive your own development preparing you and giving you leverage above your peers.You will be grouped into a team of 4 creative individuals; Tasked to accomplish certain set of goals

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