Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning Coordinator (MEAL) at Solidarites International (SI)

Solidarites International (SI) has not been active in Nigeria in the past and therefore has a limited experience in the country. SI sent a first exploratory team in Nigeria (North-Eastern States) for three weeks in April. A continued presence of senior managers has been maintained since mid-May in Borno state and Abuja. Additionally, SI registration in Nigeria is ongoing with the help of a local lawyer.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning Coordinator (MEAL)Job Reference: SRH02695Location: Abuja/MaiduguriDesired start date: 1/04/2017Duration of the mission: 2 monthsAbout the JobWithin the Nigeria mission and under the supervision of the Deputy Head of Mission, the MEAL Coordinator designs the MEAL action plans of the mission, in accordance with SI’s operational framework, and makes sure it is disseminated, understood and implemented by the mission staffs. He/she:Provides a methodological support to all program teams on technical questions linked to MEAL and cross-cutting issues such as: design of M&E plan, quantitative and qualitative data collection, measure of indicators, complaint response mechanism, “do no harm” analysis, terms of references of internal and external evaluations etc.;Looks over the quality and relevance of internal monitoring and evaluation activities, recommendations and analysis produced by his/her department (studies, maps…);Makes sure his/her department is cross-cutting and well integrated with all departments (functional links) as well as coherent with all coordinators and managers;Supports training of program teams within his/her fields of expertise;Contributes to institutional knowledge building and improvement of MEAL methods and techniques;Contributes to the design of SI’s strategy by proposing a strategy in terms of M&E support to program teams, integration of cross-cutting issues (gender, protection, accountability, do-no-harm, community participation, disability, etc.) 

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