Medical Doctor (Emergency) at M├ędecins du Monde (MdM)

Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France. It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care.We are recruiting to to fill the position below:Job Title: Medical Doctor (Emergency)Location: Roving (Damboa, Kawamela, Gaba Buzu, El Maskin and Mainok) BornoSupervisor:  Emergency Team LeaderLine Reports: Emergency Team Leader/ Medical Coordinator                                                                                                                   Main Responsibilities The medical doctor (within the emergency team) will:Respond to different crises identified by MdM needs assessment (epidemic and/or sudden mass displacement of population) as part of the emergency team.Once an emergency situation has been established, the medical doctor along with the emergency team will be deployed to support the different MdM clinics in Maiduguri, Jere and Damboa LGAs.Under the direction of the Emergency Team Lead, the medical doctor is expected to:Respond to the health needs associated with population influx and communicable disease outbreak(s)Provide free of charge healthcare to the affected populationsDevelop and comply with infection prevention control practices and the isolation needs requiredFollow the various MdM healthcare guidelines and seek support from superiors when neededWork closely with existing MdM teams and other partners in the areaMake appropriate patient referrals to the specified health facilitiesCollect, computerize and analyze weekly epidemiological dataAttend and report the required meetingsOnce an emergency has been established:Under the supervision of the Emergency Team Lead or Medical Supervisor of specified camp, the Medical Doctor will be responsible for the following main activities in order to ensure the quality of care in the mobile clinics:Provision of free of charge curative health consultationsAppropriate referral of mental health patients to MdM servicesCompassionate and sensitive treatment of GBV survivors in accordance with MdM policyCollection, computerization and analysis of weekly epidemiological dataReporting and attendance to required meetingsSupporting existing MdM healthcare teams during emergenciesFilling personnel gaps where neededThe emergency team medical doctor must be willing to travel and relocate at short noticeTasks DescriptionProvision of free of charge curative health consultations:Prepare all the necessary drugs, material and equipment for mobile clinics and ensure that everything is ready before to leave MdM officeFollow the basic medical rules of hygiene and waste management when performing curative health consultationsParticipate actively in triage activities before starting curative health consultationsThe medical doctor will:Take a proper medical history including:Reason for consultationDuration of the illness or complaintsMain symptomsPast medical history and treatment.Perform a correct physical examination:Inspection, auscultation, percussion, palpationSystematic checking of signs of severity           Diagnose and treat the diseases and conditions according to protocols in use (i.e. clinical guidelines)Write the most important complaints, signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment on the patient’s registration formExplain the treatment to the patientGive individual health education related to the patient’s needIn addition, the medical doctor will:Manage emergency cases according to MdM protocols and regulationFill in the registration form for each patient, according to the diagnosis of the morbidity surveillance formCheck the immunization status for all EPI targeted children and referred the unvaccinated children to the vaccinatorInvestigate any information regarding unusual health events or diseases outbreak, provided through any sourceEnsure patient confidentiality is respected and treat all the patients with respect and dignityAdmission, weekly medical follow-up and discharge of the malnourished children in OTP:Ensure that all the 6-59 months children have been screened (MUAC, H/W and edemas)Admit new cases into the OTP according to the criteria of national nutrition protocol and give systematic treatment for SAM casesEnsure weekly follow up of SAM cases and adapt RUTF dosesDischarge cases according to the criteria of national nutrition protocolRefer complicated SAM cases to identified Stabilization CenterFill in the specific OTP formCollection, computerization and analysis of weekly epidemiological data:Perform the daily data collection regarding the emergency response and when supporting MdM clinics the curative consultationsParticipate in the weekly computerisation and analysis of the medical dataReporting and attendance to different meetings:Prepare the weekly activities report to submit to the emergency team leaderParticipate in a pro-active way to MdM internal meetings (medical, security etc.)Participate in all the trainings organised by MDMOthers:Give suggestions to improve the functioning of the emergency medical team and MDM clinicsParticipate in the loading and unloading of the vehicles to the setting up of the mobile clinicsParticipate in weekly physical inventory of mobile clinic pharmacyBe flexible in performing your duties to ensure that beneficiaries are getting good quality servicesPerform other additional duties on request of the team leadInform immediately the security focal point in case of any security problem in the field

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