Mechanical Maintenance Gas Turbine Technician Job at Aeti Power Systems and Controls Limited

Job Title: Mechanical Maintenance Gas Turbine Technician
Company: Aeti Power Systems and Controls Limited
Job Type: Full Time  
Qualification: OND  
Experience: 5 years
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Job Field: Engineering / Technical  
Aeti Power Systems and Controls Limited – Due to the liberalization and expansion of the Power sector and the need to build technical capacity in a rapidly expanding industry, AETI has extended its professional services, Education, Technical training, Consulting, Power projects, Outsourcing and Recruitment to the power sector. It has accordingly, incorporated AETI Power Systems and Controls Limited to undertake these projects.
Key Responsibilities: – Monitor power plant equipment and indicators to
detect evidence of operating problems. – Observe/inspect open and close valves and
switches in sequence to start or shut down
auxiliary units. – Control or maintain auxiliary equipment, such as
pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, feedwater
heaters, filters, or chlorinators, to supply water,
fuel, lubricants, air, or auxiliary power. – Record and compile operational data by completing
and maintaining forms, logs, or reports. – Clean, lubricate, or maintain equipment, such as
generators, turbines, pumps, or compressors, to
prevent failure or deterioration. – Control power generating equipment, including boilers, turbines, generators, or reactors, using control boards or semi-automatic equipment. – Make adjustments or minor repairs, such as tightening leaking gland and pipe joints. – Inspect records or log book entries or
communicate with plant personnel to assess
equipment operating status. – Place standby emergency electrical generators on line in emergencies and monitor the temperature, output, and lubrication of the system. – Adjust controls to generate specified electrical
power or to regulate the flow of power between
generating stations and substations. – Control generator output to match the phase,
frequency, or voltage of electricity supplied to
Qualifications: – Experience in GAS Turbine operation, maintenance,
projects and Installation – Comprehensive knowledge of rotating plant
dynamics and vibration engineering – Theoretical understanding of condition monitoring
principles and methods of practical
implementation – Understanding of turbine generators and large
auxiliary plant engineering – Hands own experience in Rotor, shaft, couplings,
alignment, trim balancing and other trouble
shooting skills related to vibration analysis
Requirements: – B.Sc/B.Eng/Hnd in Mechanical Engineering – Minimum of 5 years experience in Power Plant
Projects related to Gas Turbine/
Operations, Overhaul or Installation work.

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