Logistic Project  Manager at Solidarites International

Solidarites International (SI) - For over 35 years, the humanitarian aid organization Solidarites International has been committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Our mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs: drinking water, food and shelter.We are recruiting to fill the position of:Job Title: Logistic Project  Manager Location: MongunoDesired Start Date: 15/03/2017 - Under funding confirmationDuration of the Mission: 6 monthsAbout the MissionSI has been operating in Borno State since July 2016, and is strongly focusing on the massive life-saving needs of the conflict-affected populations, through a 3-legged strategy:Multisectorial early recovery interventions in secured Areas:Implemented at neighborhood level in order to take into consideration the environmental context, risk factors, availability of resources and resilience capacities at a community level. This holistic approach entails a vulnerability-tailored assistance combined with a capacity building component.Acting on Water to fight Against Malnutrition:SI with its partner, a medical NGO, is doing its best to reduce malnutrition rates, especially of under-5-year children, alongside host communities and displaced people. To do so, SI equips nutrition and healthcare centers with water treatment and sanitation systems. In parallel, in host communities in both cities and in the camp in which 40,000 displaced people are living, within the walls of an old school in the city of Monguno, our teams are renovating water points, building toilets and working on water treatment solutions.Reducing Food Insecurity:In Maiduguri and especially Muna Garaje, SI is implementing cash distribution programmes with vouchers (particularly for families with acute-malnourished children) to permit food access to the most vulnerable populations. SI aims to reduce significant food insecurity in the area. The other important line is that our team is acting on the stabilisation and safeguarding of livelihoods, to empower populations and decrease their dependence on food assistance, and furthermore, to reduce food insecurity.An emergency multisectoral assessment capacity in Remote Areas:RRM-inspired, and taking into consideration Borno State-related security and access situation, this axis would allow the provision of concrete, response-sizing oriented data to the humanitarian community, in strong coordination with mapping and coordination actors (OCHA, IOM database, Intersos interactive mapping database).Rapid Response mechanism in IDPs camp-like settings outside Maiduguri:Subsequently to the assessment axis, SI is aiming at covering the basic needs of displaced and non-displaced populations pockets in Borno most affected LGAs, in completion of ICRC’s current one-shot coverage. In this perspective, SI is going tomade available a warehouse in Monguno for humanitarian actors working in Borno state in order to support their intervention in Monguno and areas around Monguno.Organization of the MissionThe Nigeria mission is currently stabilizing its opening process. Due to projects’ expansion, a substantial increase in base staffing is ongoing in February and March 2017.Coordination is expected to spend a considerable amount of time in Maiduguri, in direct support of field based operations.Therefore, the mission has a coordination team based between Abuja and Maiduguri, which includes a Head of Mission, an Administrative coordinator, a Logistics Coordinator and a Deputy Country Director.Operations are to be based in Maiduguri, Monguno and other relevant areas such as Dikwa and N’gala.In Maiduguri the team is currently composed of one Field Coordinator, Project Manager(s), a Base Logistician and an Administrator.The Monguno sub-base is composed of a Responsible of Base supervising the Administrative and Logistics supported by a Log/Admin assistant recruited as national staff and an activity manager. One PM Multi setor and one PM Logistic.The Dikwa sub base will open in March 2017 and will have the same set up.About the JobTo address logistics needs of humanitarian actors working in North-East Nigeria, SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) is providing partners with a logistic platform.Under the responsibility of the Area Coordinator and with the support of the coordination team and HQ, the Logistic Project Manager will:Manage timely implementation of the project in collaboration with the partners;Guarantee that the overall project cycle management complies with SI and donors standards;Oversee monitoring of these activities;Ensure smooth coordination with I/NGOs and other stakeholders;Ensure a correct follow-up of the administrative and logistic aspects of the project;Support the professional development of project staff;Regularly report on activities (statistic, review monthly objectives, etc.);More specifically: the Logistic project manager is responsible of the storage of the goods. He/she organizes, coordinate, supervise and manage reception, storage and handling of the goods.The Outcomes of the Project are the Following:An adapted and weatherproofed (concrete floor) storage capacity for different types of productsAn ability to launch humanitarian intervention in emergency within Monguno city, including:Agencies joint contingency plan and capacitySwift and coordinated availability of items on MongunoAn ability to swiftly launch humanitarian interventions in the neighboring LGAs (Marte, Baga), would they be accessible[1], including:The triggering of alerts, and a multi-sectoral assessment capacity.The safely transportation of goods on site. 

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