Laboratory Officer

The Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH) is a Principal Recipient (PR) for Integrated Global Fund Grant comprising of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Resilient Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH). As the Principal Recipient, the Ministry of Health is legally responsible for the management of the integrated grant ensuring achievement of the programmatic results and accountability of the grant financial resources.To fulfil the mandate of the Principal Recipient, the Ministry of Health has established the Grant Management Unit (GMU) to carry out the functions of the PR. The Grant Management Unit works with other implementing units (TB, HIV, RSSH) within the LSMOH, Sub-Recipients (SRs) and other implementing partners in executing its mandate and ensuring that the grant is managed and implemented in compliance with grant agreement signed between the Global Fund and the Principal Recipient.The Grant Management Unit, Lagos State Ministry of Health is recruiting for the vacant position below:Job Title: Laboratory OfficerLocation: LagosReporting to: Manager, Procurement & Supply-Chain ManagementOverall ObjectiveThe GMU laboratory logistics officer will work on the LSMOH integrated (HIV/TB/RSSH) grant to support implementation of the lab technical services, logistics and supply chain management of lab commodities as well as entrenchment of laboratory best practices.Specific Objectives & DutiesCompile, analyze and monitor trends on the functionality and optimization of all TB and HIV laboratory tests as well as laboratory related activitiesSupport the implementation of Laboratory Continuous Quality Improvement and the deployment and institution of appropriate corrective and preventive action respectively.Support mentorship of supported lab personnel on laboratory commodities supply chain management and laboratory Quality Management Systems (QMS)Assist in the evaluation of HIV and TB laboratory methods and procedures and conduct of periodic laboratory system assessment and review of activities.Responsible for ensuring HIV and TB laboratory samples are appropriately operationalized Into the National Integrated Sample Referral Network (NISRN).Institutionalization of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and an efficient biosafety and infection control program across all supported healthcare facilities and communities.Assist in the development and adaptation of required guidelines/standards for related laboratory services.Support the optimization drive of requisite lab tests In all grant supported HIV and TB sites. This tests Includes Viral Load, Early Infant Diagnosis (EID), TB Sputum GeneXpert, Other tests are -Heamatology, Chemistry, CD4, and AFI3 microscopySupport in ensuring the functionality of all laboratory information systems and up-to-date of facility records at its repository.Support the design, implementation and monitoring of HIV and TB laboratory systems to ensure efficiency in the processes and documentation thereof.Support and strengthen all capacity building efforts of molecular diagnostics for all the grant supported laboratories.Participate in supportive supervision and provide mentorship to labs in supported sites offering HIV and TB services.Contribute to the strengthening of PCR laboratory network with other institutions and stakeholders.Participate in the training of laboratory personnel and other health workers in molecular laboratory procedures and diagnostics.Assistance in strengthening LASUTH PCR laboratory data management to improve data utilization.Provide support in the supply chain management of PCR commodities including roiling out tools for qualification and tracking of supplies at grant supported sites.Facilitate regular communications on all equipment repairs and maintenance at supported HIV and TB facilities with the relevant vendors and in-house services.Prepare progress reports of TB and HIV laboratory activities, lab program implementation and lab quality issues.Perform other activities as may assigned from time to time.

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