Job Opening at UNICEF Nigeria: TA Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist (Children Associated with Armed Groups), P-3

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Nigeria is seeking the interest of a qualified Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist in the area of reintegration of girls and boys who have been associated with armed groups.In the course of 2014 and early 2015, Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad (JAS), more commonly as Boko Haram intensified its attacks on the civilian population in Nigeria, with tactics developing from hit-and-run attacks targeting Government officials, security forces, police stations, detention centers, religious figures and schools, to take-and-hold attacks in which JAS managed to establish and maintain control over large swaths of territory. While in late 2015 and 2016 the Nigerian Armed Forces took back most JAS controlled areas, the fighting caused additional mass displacement, especially in Borno State.Children have been acutely impacted by the conflict. In particular, children have been recruited and used by both sides to the conflict. The government estimates that over 8,000 children have been used by JAS in combat and non combat roles. 21 under-18 year old girls were used by JAS for suicide attacks in 2015 alone. Children perceived to have fought for JAS are being rejected by their communities and are at risk of being attacked if they try to return. Sexual violence has also been a characteristic of the conflict. It is estimated that 7,000 women and girls have suffered conflict related sexual violence, including following abduction by JAS and forced marriage to their fighters. Many girls and women have become pregnant and given birth as a result of the conflict. The girls and women, and their children are facing stigma and in some case violence as they return to their communities following escape or rescue by the Nigerian Armed Forces.UNICEF is supporting state and non state partners to develop and implement a reintegration programme, to ensure safe supported return for these highly vulnerable children and women.Job Title: TA Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist (Children Associated with Armed Groups), P-3 Maiduguri, Borno Stat, Nigeria (364 days)Job Number: 498299Location: NigeriaWork Type : Temporary AppointmentOverall Objective of the Temporary PositionThe overall objective of the post is to promote the handover of children associated with armed groups to civilian authorities and to ensure their safe, supported return and reintegration.Specific Project Objectives to which the Position is RelatedOutput 36: By 2017, the capacity of key institutions and civil society is strengthened to monitor and report violence against children especially in humanitarian context and implement gender and age-appropriate prevention and response measures in at least three states.Major Tasks to be AccomplishedProvide technical guidance for the development and implementation of the strategy and programme on the reintegration of children associated with armed groups (CAAFAG)Facilitate the training of and ongoing support for state and non state actors, including community volunteers, on the reintegration of CAAFAGFacilitate the training of military and security personnel on child protectionEngage in advocacy on the handover of children from military authorities to civilian authoritiesEstablish the reintegration programme in a minimum of six local government areas, as well as Maiduguri, in Borno StateSupport the development of community based reintegration activities for CAAFAGEngage with religious and community leaders to promote reintegration of CAAFAGStrengthen the referral mechanism for CAAFAG to available services and programmes, including education and livelihoods programmingEstablish and manage peacebuilding initiatives in focus communities, including the establishment of peacebuilding clubsSupport the tracing and reunification of families for CAAFAGManage and quality assure the work of the team of consultants and third party local consultants responsible for overseeing and monitoring the children associated with armed groups programmeManage and develop new programme cooperation agreements with international and national NGOs for the reintegration of children associated with armed groups and peacebuildingEnsure robust data collection to capture the number of beneficiaries reached by the programme and the impact of the programme, including management of the evaluation of the programmeEnsure effective linkages with other components of the child protection in emergencies programmeManage the children associated with armed groups programme, including ensuring timely implementation of activities, timely reporting to the donors, compliance with visibility requirements and compliance with internal UNICEF procedures and processes

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