Independent Contractor, Senior Country Program Advisor, Nigeria at Vitamin Angels Alliance

Vitamin Angels Alliance, Inc. (VA) - For 20 years, Vitamin Angels has been helping at-risk populations in need-specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five-gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals.The Vitamin Angels Alliance Inc. (VA), an International non-profit organization is recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Independent Contractor, Senior Country Program Advisor, NigeriaRole or Purpose of PositionVA seeks a full time program consultant for an 18-month term beginning on/about January 15th 2017 with opportunity for renewal.The position is based in Abuja, Nigeria. VA seeks to continue expansion of its programming partnerships in Nigeria, and seeks to engage a Senior Consultant Advisor to stabilize and expand an existing network of indigenous, non-governmental (NGO) or community based organizations (CBOs) to deliver essential micronutrient and deworming products.In general, VA’s model is to work with local partners who seek, with defined assistance from VA, to add or expand locally sustainable micronutrient distribution systems in Nigeria that address the problem of micronutrient deficiencies among pregnant women, their unborn child (or children) and children up to 5 years of age.Senior Country Program Advisor will familiarize him/herself with all relevant, National/Regional policies for vitamin A supplementation (VAS) and deworming, as well as VA policy and technical documents.In assisting VA to advance its programming in Nigeria, Consultant will supervise and support product-based nutrition interventions (e.g. primarily vitamin A and albendazole, but potentially also multivitamin tablets for pregnant women) that are:Evidence based;Planned and designed consistent with internationally accepted project planning and design practices;Conformant with VA’s strategic plan (FY 2017 – 2019), iv) conformant with VA’s guidelines for universal supplementation projects, and v) consistent with the legal requirements of the country of implementation.This system should operate through locally registered NGOs and CBOs, preferably, concurrently with the health/nutrition services they already offer to the public OR other non-health services that present a unique and innovative opportunity to achieve micronutrient distribution among at-risk women of reproductive age and pre-school children in need of nutrition services (e.g., not covered by government services).Under limited circumstances, VA may help a local governmental authority to launch micronutrient distribution services, but only in conjunction with a NGO partner with local operations.Job Responsibilities:The Consultant’s key responsibilities are:Advocate for universal supplementation and use of various supplementation interventions, targeted interventions to combat selected childhood infections and support for infanct and young child feeding practices (IYCF). Typically, the specific interventions currently offered or sought to be expanded in any country through the NGO network includes vitamin A capsules, deworming, and multi-micronutrient supplements for pregnant women - in Nigeria Among NGO and Government Stakeholders.Provide Strategic and logistical support to ensure implementation and tracking of VA’s services to grantees. VA utilizes a local product supply chain to make product grants to grantees. Senior Country Program Advisor will use database information to create and implement national strategic plans that promote sustainable growth of the program in Nigeria.Assist VA’s field partners. VA has a technical assistance capacity that can be deployed or otherwise directed by the Senior Country Program Advisor that is available to provide follow up support and technical assistance or refer partners to appropriate technical resources (e.g., in-country consultants trained by VA, VA’s Country Technical Advisor) for targeted technical support and activation/on-going training.Manage activities of additional staff/consultant/advisor resources required to operate the VA Nigeria program. Consultant will be responsible for overseeing the monthly activities of at least 4 additional VA Independent Consultants in Nigeria, consistent with their respective “Scope of Work”.S/he applies expertise in all aspects of program design, management and implementation while working to promote, exemplify, and further the mission[1] and values of VA. 

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