High Pressure Welder P91 Job at Aeti Power Systems and Controls Limited

Job Title: High Pressure Welder P91
Company: Aeti Power Systems and Controls Limited
Job Type: Full Time  
Qualification: OND  
Experience: 5 years
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Job Field: Engineering / Technical  
Aeti Power Systems and Controls Limited – Due to the liberalization and expansion of the Power sector and the need to build technical capacity in a rapidly expanding industry, AETI has extended its professional services, Education, Technical training, Consulting, Power projects, Outsourcing and Recruitment to the power sector. It has accordingly, incorporated AETI Power Systems and Controls Limited to undertake these projects.
Key Responsibilities: – Ability to understand welding processes, consumables, standards and codes for pipe and welding techniques on different position. – Welding metals using 3G, 4G and 6G on GTAW, SMAW and FCAW on plates, tubes and pipes. – Able to tests the process before welding and the finished weldment. – Understand how weld colour is an indication of weld quality. – Design of welded structures and understand the behaviour of welded structure under different types of loading. – Joint design, fitting techniques, consumable inter configurations, fillers and base metal combinations, purging and welding processes. – Proper cleaning of welding joints using acids and solvents. – Applying protection from contaminants at elevated temperatures such as trailing shields, root shields and chamber welding. – Reads blueprints, does layout work and pipe fitting. – Assists other crafts in various types of mechanical work on compressors, fans, valves, boilers, turbines and other associated power plant equipment. – Operate welding machine that feeds wire to bond materials. – Use molten metal to join two pieces of metal. – Connect copper plumbing pipes and thinner metals. – Determine welding position and type of metal to be fused. – Ensure welds meet standards and specifications. – Load parts correctly and monitor machine constantly. – Use heat from an electric arc to cut and trim metal objects. – Dismantle large objects such as ships and aircraft. – Knows the properties of various rods and fluxes used in welding metals – Measure routings of pipe and fabricate pipe to fit existing in-line piping system; utilize instrumentation cut sheets to do take outs for fabrication of spool pieces – Plan and layout sequence of installation to avoid obstructions – Cut pipe using port-a-band saw, reciprocating saw, pipe cutters, power saw, cutting torch, and pipe cutting machine – Welds include butts, sockets, boss roots, weldolets and fillets
Minimum Experience:
Required: – Must be able to read and interpret welding procedures, structural drawings, technical manuals, test documents and diagrams desired – Must be able to work all shifts, at heights, confined spaces (in-tank welding) and extreme temperature conditions (cold, heat) as required – Knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices and procedures – Knowledge of industrial mechanical systems – Relevant working experience with High chrome welding, Alloy welding, P91 Welding, High pressure and temperature piping, HRSG, Boiler, CC Power Plant
Qualifications: – Minimum of OND – Not less than 5 years experience – Any additional technical certification.

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