Head, Corporate Services (HCS) at Development Finance Institution (DFI) – Federal Government of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria is setting up a Development Finance Institution (DFI) with the objective to increase the availability and access to finance for micro, small and medium enterprises through eligible finance intermediaries.It will be a wholesale development finance institution that will provide long term financing and partial credit guarantees to eligible financial intermediaries for on-lending to micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It will thrive on a culture of innovation to encourage and promote the growth of MSME in Nigeria by providing financial facilities to participating financial institutions to on-lend to MSMEs.Job DescriptionThe Head, Corporate Services when appointed will be required to perform the following tasks/responsibilities among others;Scope of WorkOverall Function of the Position:The Head, Corporate Services is responsible for overseeing the provision of general support services to the Institution.The support services include: Information Technology, Human Resources, Administration and Communications/External Relations.Specific Duties of the PositionCoordinates the Institution’s procurement activities and ensure it is driven by “best practice” vendor selection and product/service sourcing strategies, enabling the Institution to leverage its corporate might and derive maximum value from its spend on goods and services.Monitors and controls all procurement activities, ensuring compliance with approved budget.Oversees the development/update of IT strategy, standards, policies and procedures.Oversees the development of a robust security framework spanning physical asset and electronic protection from viruses, unauthorized external access and user access rights.Drives the adoption of technology solutions to address automation needs and growth of the Institution.Oversees the development of a customer management framework (policies, procedures and systems) for ensuring that services provided by the Institution are guided by customer centric principles.Performs periodic customer satisfaction surveys to elicit feedback from the Institution’s staff, external clients and other stakeholders of the Institution and ensure gap bridging plans are carried out to address issues/gaps noted from the surveysOversees and supervises relationships with third party service providers and ensuring adherence to contract/Service Level Agreements (SLA) terms.Authorizes administrative expenditure in line with approved authority limits.Directs the development and establishment of adequate and equitable Human Resource policies throughout the Institution, including compensation policies and employee benefit plans.Oversees the development and embedding of the Institution staff performance framework in line with the Corporate performance frameworkDefines, and presents to the Board for approval, relevant policy framework and statements that promote the image and brand of the Institution.Reviews and approves all (except otherwise directed by the Board) corporate communication between the Institution and external partiesManages the Institution’s corporate image and ensure that staff operate in a way that sustains and/or enhance the company’s reputation and brand equity. 

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