Head Accounts/Accountant at Cypress Leasing and Investments Limited

Cypress Leasing and Investments Limited, provides solutions in Operational and Finance Leases, Asset Management and Investment Advisory. Cypress services includes Consumer and Corporate Leases and Rentals, Logistics and Fleet Management, and Portfolio Management.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Head Accounts/AccountantLocation: LagosFunctionsAccounts Payable:Ensure that all bills that are due are prepared for approval and paid to all parties as at when due further to company policy.Ensure that there is no late payment change of any sort and ensure approvals are duly sought from management.Accounts Receivable:Track and prepare receivables including ageing analysis of all invoices and payments due.Ensure proper creation of invoices.Payroll:Ensure an accurate and up to-date payroll database administration.Ensure wages and allowances are prepared on time and payments made according to company policy and wage dates.Tax Administration:Ensure proper tax assessment and remittances to all relevant agencies from local to federal.Reporting & Financial Statements:Prepare financial reports for management periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly) for budgeting, forecasting and other decision making processes.Prepare financial reports as required by management for investors, shareholding, banks and other stakeholdersFinancial Controls:Follow the international accounting standards protocol and principles to ensure compliance, fraud and theft prevention.Ensure financial procedures and processes are set properly and manage these procedure and processes.Ensure approvals are obtained from management on all expenditure and expenses.Operations Functions:Performance of quality assurance and audit of all documents and processes, paperwork and data submitted by the business development and sales team.Ensure the credit committee meets to decide on all loan and lease applications.Liaise with human resources and administration, customer service, logistics, business development departments in budgets, administration and compliance of services, governmental agencies and vendors.Ensure accurate record keeping of all company documents including (but not limited to) cheques, offer letters, client documents etc.Ensure an independent verification of all prospective customers’ claims regarding financial solvency, physical location/address.Ensure prompt deposit of financial instruments of clients in company accounts on due date.Ensure the integrity of all company records in all forms (hard & soft copies).Ensure that all sign-on protocols by staff are observed on all systems and prevent breach of all company hardware systems.

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