Graduate Trainee at Femack Food Processing

Femack Food Processing founded in 2006 is a name entirely synonymous with quality and is highly committed to maintaining its moral beliefs. The company supplies an ample amount of coconut milk and other beverages to the public. The business is known for the high quality biscuits, chewing gum, and toffees it manufactures under the FEMACK FOODS groups. Well known products include malted milk, robot gum, drops, gels, jellies, nectars, and juices made from coconut; rice milk cereal drinks; flavored fruit juices; and sauces and seasonings.Job Title:Graduate Trainee Job Description:Carry out timely installation and monitoring of plant and equipment to identify and correct problems using root cause analysis.To implement plan and preventive maintenance programme.To implement corrective maintenance of machine using root cause analysis.Installation of new machines and equipment.

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