Global Supply Chain Manager at Bridge International Academies

Bridge International Academies was founded to address the education crisis in the developing world. Bridge aims to provide vastly improved education in Africa and South Asia to the hundreds of millions of students who do not receive an adequate education and the 200 million children who are not enrolled in school. Bridge does this by providing technology-enabled, national-syllabus aligned primary and nursery school content that empowers communities to provide their children a high-quality education. Bridge directly operates ~500 schools across Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, and India and acts as a government school operator for public primary and nursery schools in Liberia. Bridge works with parents, teachers and communities to provide the technology, training and resources to provide under-served communities with the support they need to deliver an education to their children that engages both their hearts and minds, and ensures that they will complete primary school literate, numerate, and prepared for the challenges ahead. Join Us!Do you believe that every child deserves excellent quality education no matter where they live, or who their parents are? Do you think that families living on less than $2 per day deserve great schools and curriculum? Do you think that we need innovation in education? Do you want to challenge the status quo? Then join us! Bridge is the largest education organization in Africa and one of the fastest growing social enterprises in the world. We are looking for passionate, dedicated and energetic people to join our rapidly growing organization. If you believe in our mission and are looking for a fast-past, always changing working environment with room to grow and learn, we are looking for you! Global Supply Chain ManagerGlobal Supply Chain Manager plays a key role and is an integral member of the Bridge team. Based in our (London, Nairobi, or India) office, you will work closely with a vibrant, passionate group of people dedicated to the same important goal of democratizing education. To be successful in this position, you should first and foremost connect with Bridge’s mission and vision on a deep level. At the end of the day, everything we (you) do at Bridge should be for the welfare of our children and their families. When Bridge parents buy a uniform for their child, it’s a significant expense—keep in mind, our families live on less than $2 per day, per household member. When they pay their child’s tuition, they expect that child will have a book in her hand on the first day of school. What You Will DoWork hard to keep costs down for our customers;Not be intimidated by a tight budget;Follow-through on all the documentations required in Import / export of shipments from country of origin (exporter / vendor country) to destination countries (Bridge Operating Countries or importer countries)Work with various internal and external stakeholders to oversee timely and cost-effective delivery of shipmentsCreate a detailed Materials Requirement Plan based on demand;Accurately and consistently forecast what will be needed, and when, and then own the responsibility of seeing that our parents and their children aren’t kept waiting.Work with various departments to identify, evaluate, and build strong relationships with the best, most trustworthy, most cost-effective vendors available.Be tough enough to hold vendors to their promises—price, quality, deadlines, etc.Arrange/negotiate multi-year contracts with our customers’ financial interests in mind.Find creative solutions to reduce delivery times.Work with global supply chain staff to implement best-practice and standards to all our countries from warehouse management, to local shipping and inventory management at our academies.Become the company expert—know our products backwards and forwards, keeping up with changes and updates, and factoring all this into decision making.A specific future goal, something our parents have asked for, is to stock our academies with merchandise—so when a parent pays for a uniform, they receive it on site. This will present many messy logistical challenges. The Global Supply Chain Manager will be expected to tackle and conquer this challenge. This will entail:Building a global supply chain system that can be tailored for each country; Working with Tech to create ways to manage transactions;As Bridge’s Global Supply Chain Manager, the work you’ll do is demanding, exciting, and critically important. Your skills, expertise, and creativity will help make a real difference in the lives of real children, families, and communities. Very likely, your job will take you to our operating countries from time to time where you’ll meet some of the people you are serving. You’ll walk through the humble villages in which our academies operate, shake the hands of a parent who have entrusted us with their child’s future, and look in the wide eyes of pupils who are counting on us to help them achieve their dreams.  

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