Geologist at Fosad Consulting Ltd

Fosad Consulting Ltd is a business support services firm with offerings in Human Resource Management, Immigrations and Real Estate Consulting. We leverage our expertise and strategic alliances to support businesses. Our proposition is based on a deep understanding of the drivers of high performing businesses and the required business solutions that supports it. We work with clients to support their non-core business tasks to strategically position them for business success.Job Title: GeologistCompany DescriptionOur client is a major player in the upstream, and downstream segments of the petroleum sector. With a quality portfolio of oil and gas assets in Nigeria, our capabilities extend through upstream (exploration & production and drilling), downstream, trading of oil product, sub-surface engineering and data appraisal for geophysics and petroleum projects.Job DescriptionROLE DESCRIPTION: interpretation of data using geophysical techniques to forecast the location for extraction. Role requires the generation of a structural and sedimentary plan for oil trap identification and exploration.JOB DESCRIPTION:Provide quality interpretations (2D and 3D) and data interpretations and drives workstation skills leading to the generation of well plan for the exploration.Use Landmark Application for seismic interpretation and well log evaluation.Stratworks adoption for the Lithological Correlation and Evaluation of Well formation.Subsurface studies in a variety of Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Structural settings for possible yielding zones.Denudation stratification and sedimentation study of the Ajapa field through the available seismic data.Seismic interpretation and wire line logging interpretation.Technique research fields and picking of faults and horizons for more prolific zones.Representation of faulty lines on the map using edit polygon (Fault Polygon).Periodic investigation of the composition, structure, and history of the earth's crust through the collection, examination, measurement, and classification of soils, minerals, rocks, and fossil remains.Surveying and mapping geologically promising sites as well as collecting and recording samples and data from test sites.Analyzing geological data using applicable industry standard softwareAscertaining extraction risks and natural disasters such as mud slides, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, and providing advice on ways in which potential damage can be mitigated.Reservoir characterization and Evaluation of petro physical parameters.Thorough studies and mapping out of prospect, maturation/appraisal and early exploration phase data acquisition and associated operations.Research study on both log data and seismic data of the field in accordance with the instruction of the Supervisor/Head of Department.Interpretation of Horizons, that are annotated and presentation of major faults and Horizons interpretation:Any other task as assigned by the Exploration Manager.

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