Fundraising Officer at Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)

Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is a knowledge based institution established to introduce professionalism in civil society work and to use social entrepreneurship to provide cutting edge services to enhance and deepen economic, social and political change. CSJ envisions a Nigeria where social justice informs public decision making and her mission is to mainstream social justice in all facets of public life. Key Programme FocusThe ongoing programmes of CSJ are in public finance management/fiscal governance; power sector reforms; political finance reforms; and rights enhancement. Our programme activities focus on civil, cultural, economic, environmental, political and social rights and our strategic methodologies include action research, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, capacity building, information dissemination, cluster building and networking. Visit our website for more details about our work.ContextCSJ seeks to develop a strategic fundraising plan to diversify her funding base, increase unrestricted portions of her funds portfolio and create conditions for future sustainability. To further this cause, CSJ seeks a smart, dedicated and energetic young professional to join its team as a fundraising officer to develop the strategic plan and raise fund for the organization.Key DutiesTo liaise with the board, management and staff to develop a fundraising strategy that will guide the organisation in its fundraising efforts.To identify different sources of funding available in Nigeria.To research and identify potential donors and develop a database or map existing data bases which are regularly updated summarizing the range of donors potentially interested in funding our work with details on requirements and restrictions, target groups and areas of interest.To identify other funding opportunities (corporate houses, trusts, funding agencies and individuals) internationally and locally, and provide recommendations for next steps in approaching these sources of funding.To prioritize potential funding opportunities according to the best possible match between the scope of projects activities and donor interests.To map the organizations, government agencies and business sector clients that might be likely to purchase our services and expertise.Writing and sending out grant applications.Supporting the strengthening relationships with existing sponsors and the building of relationships with potential sponsors.Supporting other activities as needed in regards to fundraising.Managing crowd-funding projects for CSJ.Leading fundraising events (marketing and managing).Collaborate on social media, publicity, marketing and communication efforts where needed.

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