eRecruiter Nigeria works with a wide-ranging continuum of retail, consumer-product manufacturers and innovators in pharmaceuticals on talent acquisition, recruitment, talent mapping and executive search. Firms across various sub-sectors—including food, beverage, personal and household products, durable goods, and apparel, fashion, and luxury—benefit from our capabilities. Our goal is to help our clients increase efficiency and drive growth by finding, attracting and acquiring the right people for their organisations.

Though our work often starts with a talent problem, we ensure that this problem is solved by finding the right talent for our clients. We have specialist consultants who focus on retail, FMCG and pharmaceuticals. Not only do they follow industry trends, understand key practices within these industries, they also have a huge network within their focus industries.

We currently work with key players in FMCG, retail and pharmaceuticals across all areas of the value chain within Africa. In the last two years, we have worked with clients in more than 100 engagements in these sectors. Our clients always have a dedicated consultant who works with them until the right talent is identified and hired.