Farm Manager at Saroafrica International Limited

Saro, is the leading company in the Agribusiness Value Chain and Consumer Goods in West and Central Africa with special interest in (Plantation, Inputs-Provision, Sourcing, Origination and Processing). It is focused on increasing agricultural production in volume and quality for stakeholders with due attention and care for the Environment. Job descriptionCoordination of arable crop production activities in a network of farms totaling 5,000ha within the state. Crop focus are cereals (Maize largely & Rice), Legumes (Cowpea & Soybeans) and Tuber (Cassava)Management of a group of above 500 outgrowersCoordination of supply chain activities to ensure adequate provision of inputs all through the cropping season and also efficient evacuation of harvested produce from the farms to market.Leadership and administration of a team of farm managers and field officers to ensure adherence to production protocols and Good Agricultural Practices that will lead to desired output in a sustainable manner and in harmony with the host communities.

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