Employment Recruitment for Executive Director at Oluaka Academy

 A reputable Academy - Oluaka Academy in Owerri, Imo State is recruiting for the job position of an Executive Director Job Title: Executive Director of Oluaka AcademyJob DescriptionThis position will be based in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria and may require frequent travel. The Executive Director will report directly to the Board of Directors of Oluaka Academy as well as to the Executive Committee, keeping all parties informed and up to date. All duties will be performed subject to the Constitution and By-laws, with the approval of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the annual budget. The Executive Director will be responsible for overseeing, directing, and coordinating the management of the Academy’s operations. This individual will establish, direct, and develop current and long-range objectives, strategies, marketing goals, plans and policies. The Executive Director will work with the Board to oversee the development of a strategic plan for the organization. The individual will work in cooperation with the Academy’s stakeholders and leaders on specific projects directed at achieving the Academy’s objectives. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES The Executive Director will be responsible for board relations, general management and administration, financial governance, and professional outreach. The specific duties will include but not be limited to: Board Relations: Work with the Board to develop and execute the Academy’s strategic plans, programs, policies and procedures; financial management and internal control systems and practices.Maintain communication with the Board to ensure that members are kept fully informed on the condition of the Academy and all important factors influencing the Academy.Maintain official records and documents and work with the Board and legal counsel, as needed, to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.Oversee program development and management including, proposal and business plan development, fundraising, project implementation and compliance with reporting requirement of funders.Prepare the annual budget of the Academy to be presented to the Board for approval at its annual meeting. Professional Outreach: Represent the interests of the Academy to the Academy’s primary constituencies, stakeholders and audiences, as well as to the general public.Organize meetings of the Board and members of the Executive team.Be visible and available at all times.Introduce new and creative ways to expand the Academy’s services, effectiveness and impact to its stakeholder group.Promote the positive image and reputation of the Academy.Management & Administration: Ensure the Academy meets its obligations as described in the charter.Provide a full range of services and programs to stakeholders through departments. Manage outside counsel, experts, and consultants in a timely and efficient manner.Maintain transparency and abide by international conflicts of interest guidelines.Ensure that a proper system of checks and balances is always in place.Be up to date on relevant legal and government regulations, guidelines, etc. that impact the Academy.Supervise the administration and enforcement of the Academy’s Rules & Regulations.Provide day-to-day oversight and direction of the Academy and ensure that the Academy’s policies and procedures are implemented and complied with appropriately.Engage staff as necessary to conduct the Academy’s business; establish conditions of employment for employees; direct employees in the performance of their duties; and report to the Board on the activities of staff.Financial Governance: Oversee the Academy’s day-to-day fiscal operations consistent with the provisions of the Academy’s Constitution and By-laws.Review current practices and methods and develop new ones as necessary to reduce costs, encourage growth and improve efficiency.Provide assistance to the Treasurer in carrying out the administrative functions of that office.Analyze, evaluate and negotiate vendor services.Develop and implement new opportunities to grow the financial prospects of the Academy.THE PERSON The successful candidate should be a visionary leader and a strategic thinker with proven operational and organizational skills. This individual must have unquestioned credibility and the ability to continually earn the respect of the Academy’s board, stakeholders and the general public. This person must also have the ability to communicate with diverse groups and unify them toward common goals. The Executive Director will be expected to make tough decisions and remain committed to implementing those decisions in the best interest of the Academy, regardless of popularity and/or criticism.The Executive Director must have experience working in startup incubation and/or enterprise development programs. The candidate must be an energetic, hands-on executive, a true team builder and team player with the ability to inspire enthusiasm within the staff and membership of the Academy. It is further required that the Executive Director, possess all or most of the following qualities/attributes:History of success and accountability – candidates will be expected to present a record of accomplishments that demonstrates their ability to achieve results 

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