Employment Opening for Project Security Manager at International Resources Group (IRG)

 International Resources Group (IRG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Engility, is seeking a Project Security Manager for the Nigeria Power Sector Program (NPSP). The objective of NPSP is to increase electricity availability and access in Nigeria through facilitating transactions and strengthening the enabling environment for private sector investment in the power sector.The Security Manager is part of the Operations team and will report to the Director of Operations and Finance. In conjunction with Engility’s security provider, the Security Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day management and coordination of operational field security activities and compliance with corporate security policies. The Security Manager will be required to work with various stakeholders, including Nigerian government officials, project stakeholders, USAID, and other development partners. The Security Manager will be based in in Abuja, Nigeria.Job Title:  Project Security ManagerThe Security Manager’s day-to-day responsibilities include:Oversee security, including leading the process of developing, reviewing and strengthening security policies, guidelines, strategies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);Ensure full compliance of all security protocols by all staff, including drivers, consultants and visitors on NPSP premises and for NPSP staff, drivers and consultants involved in field assignments;Coordinate with potential third party security providers to ensure appropriate management oversight over both static, mobile guards and drivers;Ensure that all staff, the support team, visitors and consultants are provided security briefing, copy of security policies and SOPs;Conduct basic security management training for guards and drivers and arrange for refresher courses;With the COP, lead the weekly security meeting of all staff at NPSP office and ensure that all staff actively participate in the meeting and share security information;Regularly monitor local and international media such as TV news, printed newspapers, radios and online news related to security issues and bring relevant issues to the security team and the COP’s attention;Ensure vehicle log books, local visitor’s register are maintained, regularly checked and feedback provided to drivers and guards;Regularly review security protocols and recomment updates;Ensure all first aid, hibernation, and grab bag kits are fully stocked, fire extinguishers are fully operational, and items are replaced before expiration date;Establish, maintain, and monitor staff and asset movement tracking systems. Maintain information systems that clearly present this information to NPSP staff while maintaining operational security on movement information;Analyze trends in security incidents. Report incidents pertaining to NPSP or major security incidents in Nigeria with an emphasis NPSP project;Ensure that that evacuation and crisis management plans are in place and regularly updated;Lead in developing contingency plans in special situation such as national election, large international events, significant national days/events, etc.;Ensure communication equipment including telephones, SIM cards, handsets, and satellite phones are well maintained, functional and usable at all times;Perform other duties as assigned. 

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