Drug Dispenser at Médecins du Monde (MdM)

For more than 30 years, Médecins du Monde, a campaigning medical organization committed to international solidarity, has been caring for the most vulnerable populations at home and abroad. It has continued to highlight obstacles that exist in accessing health care and has secured sustainable improvements in health-for-all policies. Those working for this independent organization do not solely dispense care and treatment but condemn violations of human dignity and rights and fight to improve matters for populations living in precarious situations.MdM currently works in 46 countries across all continents where it focuses on 4 priority areas: caring for the health of migrants and displaced persons, promoting sexual and reproductive health, combating HIV and reducing the harm and risks associated with drug use, crises and conflicts. Job Title: Drug Dispenser  Location: BornoLine Manager: Medical Doctor SupervisorLength of contract: 6 monthsPossibility for extension: yesJOB TASKSUnder the supervision of the Medical Doctor Supervisor, the Drugs Dispenser will be responsible for the following main activities in order to ensure the quality of care in the mobile clinics:Stock management in link with mobile clinicsDistribution of drugs during the mobile clinicsCollection, computerization and analysis of weekly drugs consumptionReporting and attendance to different meetingsTASKS DESCRIPTION:Stock management in link with mobile clinicsPrepare all the necessary drugs, material and equipment for mobile clinics and ensure that everything is ready before to leave MdM officeRealize the pharmacy stock management (in/out) at the mobile clinicCalculate daily consumption for each item in order to anticipate any shortageDo a weekly physical inventory of mobile clinic pharmacyPrepare weekly drugs orders to MdM Damboa pharmacy with the assistance of the medical doctors and paramedics staff.Distribution of drugs during the mobile clinicsGive the drugs according to the medical prescription.Ask the medical doctor or the midwife to complete their prescription in case of incomplete information (dosage, duration…)Indicate the name, presentation and dosage of the drugs on the dispensing bag.Explain in local language to the patient how to take the treatment and make sure that the explanations have been understood.Explain the potential side effects of a drug to the patientKeeps a clean working place and insure waste produced in dispenser room (packaging, papers…) is removed every day.Fill in the daily consumption form for each itemEnsure patient confidentiality is respected and treat all the patients with respect and dignityCollection, computerization and analysis of weekly drugs consumptionCollect the daily mobile clinic consumptionParticipate to the weekly computerization  and analysis of the drugs consumptionReporting and attendance to different meetingsPrepare a weekly activities report to submit to the pharmacist and team leaderParticipate in a pro-active way to MdM internal meetings (medical, security…)Participate to all the  trainings organized by MDM

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