Dock Worker Job at Peen Nigeria Limited

Job Title: Dock Worker
Company: Peen Nigeria Limited
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Lagos, Ngeria
Job Field: Logistics
Peen Nigeria Limited is licensed to provide Stevedoring services in Nigeria and we are presently recruiting to fill the position of a Terminal Operation Manager and Dock Worker with vast experience in terminal and stevedore operations.
Job Requierment:
. Load and unload vessels
. Operate heavy vehicles and machinery, such as straddle carriers, forklifters and ship cranes, to load and unload cargo from trucks, ships and rail transport services
. Position goods in the holds of the ship
. Secure cargo on ships using braces to hold it in place
. Carry out safety checks on equipment
. Secure and release mooring lines of ships
. Clean out ship’s tanks and holds
. Knowledge of health and safety procedures
. Possess skills on how to handle different types of cargo, particularly containers of dangerous substances
. Knowledge of basic customs and shipping company documents
. Ability to interpret ship loading plans.

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