Director, Sexual Health and Well being at Equal Rights

The Initiative for Equal Rights is a registered non-governmental organization working towards the protection and promotion of the human rights of sexual minorities in NigeriaJob Title:Director, Sexual Health and Well beingPosition description The  Initiative  for  Equal  Rights (“TIERs”) is hiring  for  the  position  of  a  Director Sexual   Health   and   Wellbeing(“DSHW”)The   position   holder   will design programs and  provide  strategic  direction  toward sexual,  social  and  mental healthprograms specific  to  LGBT  persons in  NigeriaThe  person will also  be responsible for leading the program team and giving technical assistance on all   programs   implemented   within   the   departmentThe DSHW will   be responsible   for   liaising   with   donors   on   emerging   issues   identified   within programming  and  best  possible  approach  to  address  them  while  ensuring quality programming and service delivery to the communityRole and Responsibilities:Designing, implementing and supporting sexual  health  and  wellbeing programs targeting LGBT personsDesigning, delivering,evaluating and monitoring training to professionals on heath issues affecting LGBT peopleDesigning, delivering, evaluating and monitoring a range of health and wellbeing initiatives for LGBT people including,education sessions, one to one support, social and peer support and advocacyMaintaining a  working  knowledge  of  local  and  national  guidance, policy and research relating to sexual healthIdentifying     and     maintaining community     resources     useful     in implementing program activitiesSupervising the  implementation  of  program  activities  and  providing technical  guidance  to  staff,  other  agencies  and  service  providers  as necessary to ensure quality program implementationResearching HIV/AIDS  information  and  preparing bulletins,  periodic reports, and educational materialsPerforming various  technical  tasks  related  to  the  HIV/AIDS  program such  as  conducting  educational  presentations,  conducting  statistical surveys, liaising with  relevant state  officials,and developing  specific health education plansIdentifying  and  utilizing the linkages  between  sexual health,  human rightsand wellbeingPlanning and/or  participating in  workshops,  forums,  and  discussions to highlight the emerging issues at the community levelPromoting the   health   and   wellbeing   services   of LGBT   persons to relevant stakeholders and ensuring wider support services that enables appropriateuptake of servicesEnsuringaccessibility of safer sex packs throughout a range of venuesDeveloping new   and   innovative   sexual   health   services   based   on identified needs and emerging issuesPerforming  other  duties  that  might  be  assigned  by direct supervisors 

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