Deputy Head of Mission (M/F) at Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an independent medical aid organization based in Dakar, Senegal. ALIMA has three principal areas of expertise: providing medical care in humanitarian crises, supporting the development of national medical organizations, and conducting operational research to bring medical innovation to the field.Scope of Deputy Head of Mission ResponsibilitiesThe Deputy Head of Mission (DHOM) works under the responsibility of the Head of mission (HOM). The HOM validates major orientations and decisions and delegates part of his responsibilities to the DHOM, as described below, according to objective criteria (known by all staff in the mission) taking into consideration sustainability in the treatment of the different dossiers. The Deputy Head of Mission will be able to replace the Head of Mission and in that case take the overall responsibility of this position.The HOM will keep the following responsibilities: general team coordination; operations support, analysis, planning and strategy for Monguno project, Muna project and ITFC Training project; representation & negotiation with authorities; coordination with Solidarités International; animation of coordination meeting.Major Responsibilities of the Dhom Function Operations:The DHOM analyses the political and humanitarian situation on Borno State or national level in order to guide programs with as much relevance as possible. He keeps constant watch over operational pertinence. In the event of a project opening/shutting, he checks that the personnel, the authorities and the organizations concerned are informed within a reasonable timeframe. He is specifically responsible of the operations for the Rapid Emergency Response project and for the Early Recovery program.He proactively identifies new programming opportunities, needs for assessment or consultants / interns to prepare ground for future opportunities.He provides strategic direction and support to the Projects Coordinators in ensuring the effective delivery of program activities and the successful integration of activities with all other aspects of ALIMA programming.In partnership with the Medical Coordinators, he leads the program development process to ensure the creation of robust and appropriate programs that meet the values and objectives of ALIMA as an organization and donor requirements and expectations to ensure ongoing funding.He visits ALIMA field activities regularly and reports on problems, challenges and obstacles while building an intimate knowledge of fieldwork realities and generate recommendations and lessons learnt reports to share within the mission.He leads on the development and rollout of new and more effective systems to improve program implementation.He provides leadership to the development and maintenance of a comprehensive needs-based program strategy that is responsive to the dynamic needs of the most vulnerable populations built on the program strengths of ALIMA.He ensures the capitalization of integration and reporting information and data.He regularly participates in Coordination meetings.He leads, in liaison with the HOM, proposal preparation through furnishing of assessment data and coordination.Supervision of Support Departments (Logistics, HR, Fin):In coordination with HOM and Coordinators, he is responsible for the technical briefing and debriefing as well as management of consultants and external specialists arriving to support the mission.He ensures that quality to ALIMA and donor compliance for program, reporting, and financial grant requirements are met.He coordinates closely with Log and Projects Coordinators to ensure that security, protocols are designed to support quality programming.He leads proposal preparation through a needs based approach ensuring all coordinators work together.Communication:The DHOM is in charge of external communication (the basis, the contents, the means) and represents ALIMA with the media, particularly when a public position is taken. For this, he maintains a local and regional network of media contacts. He consults the HOM without delay before taking any public position which exposes ALIMA’s activities to risk with regards to the authorities.Security Management:The DHOM is directly in charge of the management of the security in the mission. Nevertheless, the HOM is the ultimate responsible of the security in the mission:The DHOM evaluates the risks and threats linked to the implementation of ALIMA’s activities throughout the mission, formalizes and updates the security tools accordingly.He defines and updates the Mission’s security policy (in consultation with the teams) and submits it to the HOM for approval.He checks compliance with security rules (by holding regular meetings) as set out in the security guidelines, which he (she) updates on a regular basis.He checks that international and decentralized personnel receive any necessary security briefings, and stays informed of any risks being run in the Project.He maintains up a network of information allowing the monitoring of developments in risks and threats. HOM keeps the informal security networking with sensitive contacts. The DHOM manages the formal security networking composed of INGOs, INSO, army, police, etc.He keeps HOM informed of any new risks taken and developments in the security context.He alerts the HOM without delay of all security incidents or threats which could have an impact on the Mission and on the ALIMA personnel’s security.He writes up reports on each incident linked to security and affecting ALIMA personnel and monitors its aftermath.In collaboration with the HOM, he sets up a Crisis Cell in the event of a serious incident if deemed necessary.Coordination & Networking with other NGO, INGO and INGO forum:The DHOM maintains close relations with the other national NGOs and INGOs present in the region. For this, he attends regular meetings and checks that ALIMA is represented with coherence in the national and international community.He negotiates and renews the terms of collaboration (MOU) between ALIMA and the Government or any other institution involved, and keeps national partners informed about ALIMA’s activities on a regular basis.He watches over the follow up of ALIMA’s legal registration in the country.The DHOM comes with the HOM at meetings/official negotiations with authorities; he represents ALIMA to donors, UN and INGOs partners.He coordinates the humanitarian and medical assistance provided by ALIMA with that of other agencies and organizations, which involves taking part in regular information exchanges with the other humanitarian organizations and UN agencies present in the field.He is responsible for representation of ALIMA in partnership-related meetings at a strategic level for workshops, working groups, etc. Participates in Clusters, mainly INGO Forum.

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