Deputy Country Director in charge of programs at Solidarites International (SI)

Solidarites International (SI) has not been active in Nigeria in the past and therefore has a limited experience in the country. SI sent a first exploratory team in Nigeria (North-Eastern States) for three weeks in April. A continued presence of senior managers has been maintained since mid-May in Borno state and Abuja. Additionally, SI registration in Nigeria is ongoing with the help of a local lawyer.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Deputy Country Director in charge of programsJob ID: SRH02667Location: MaiduguriMissionA food crisis and challenging security lead to an expanding mission, with special HR benefits…SI has been operating in Borno State since July 2016, and is strongly focusing on the massive life-saving needs of the conflict-affected populations, through a 3-legged strategy:WASH emergency activities in collaboration with a partner medical NGO and Multisector early recovery interventions in secured areas, implemented at neighborhood level in order to take into consideration the environmental context, risk factors, availability of resources and resilience capacities at a community level. This holistic approach entails a vulnerability-tailored assistance combined with a capacity building component.Emergency multisectorial assessment capacity in remote areas aiming at allowing the provision of concrete, response-sizing-oriented data to the humanitarian community, in strong coordination with mapping and coordination actors (OCHA, IOM DTM).Rapid Response Mechanism in newly accessible areas, in order to provide adequate, massive rapid responses. The scope of intervention considers an integrated response so as to cover the basic essential needs of displaced and non-displaced populations.The Nigeria mission is currently stabilizing its opening process. Due to projects’ expansion, a substantial increase in base staffing is expected in January and February 2017.Coordination is expected to spend a considerable amount of time in Maiduguri, in direct support of field based operations.Therefore, the mission has a coordination team based between Abuja and Maiduguri, which includes a Head of Mission, an Administrative coordinator, a Logistics Coordinator and a Program Coordinator.Operations are to be based in Maiduguri, Monguno and other relevant areas.In Maiduguri the team is currently composed of one Field Coordinator, Project Manager(s), a Base Logistician and an Administrator.The Monguno sub-base is composed of an Administrative and Logistics Manager supported by a Log/Admin assistant recruited as national staff and an activity manager.The Dikwa sub base will open in February 2017 and will have the same set up.FunctionThe program coordinator contributes to the development of SI strategy by proposing sector-based strategies for the whole activities.He/she specifically the guarantor of the quality and suitability of proposed technical approaches and ensures the appropriateness between SI’s activities and general objectives and needs of the population.He/she coordinates the project cycle and more particularly the operational monitoring of programs implemented in the intervention country.He/she contributes to the capitalization process and the improvement of Solidarités International methods and techniques. 

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