CSIS Africa Area Security Manager at Citibank Nigeria Limited

Citibank Nigeria Limited, the leading global financial services company, provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services.Job Title: CSIS Africa Area Security ManagerJob Function: SecurityShift: Day JobEmployee Status: RegularTravel Time: Yes, 25 % of the TimeJob ID: 16082014Position Summary:The Area Security Manager (ASM) is responsible for the management and coordination of the Security and Safety services across an assigned geographical area for all Citi businesses.  The ASM is responsible for the development and conformity to policies, strategies and standards as defined by Citi and its regulators. Primary functions of this position are managerial with some director responsibilities as assigned by the Sub-Regional Director.  The main goal of the position is to ensure the protection of the Company’s integrity and reputation as well as to safeguard its customers, employees, assets and the shareholder’s interests through policy and procedure development, enforcement and emergency planning. This is a visible position, requiring a high level of professionalism, leadership, and experience as well as the ability to interact with senior members of all divisions within the company.  The ASM is considered a subject matter expert, with a strong knowledge of both security and business operations.Responsibilities can be divided into six disciplines including Managerial, Operational, Financial, Staff Development, Disaster/Emergency Preparedness and Administrative.  Functions listed below are not considered all inclusive. Key Roles and Responsibilities:MANAGERIAL The ASM is instrumental in development and maintenance of the Global Security and Safety Policy as well as procedure documents.  The ASM must balance the need to have an effective security and fire/life safety program with the business need to streamline operations and reduce expenses.   Vendor and contract management are a key focus for the ASM.  The ASM is responsible for ensuring their staff and Procurement properly negotiates contracts for guard services, security system vendors, and other projects. They also must determine contract funding is approved through senior business management as well as the CSIS Executive Committee.  The ASM will ensure vendors are managed according to Citi policy and aggressively explore avenues for cost reductions.The ASM is responsible for Physical Security and Fire/Life Safety Program Development and Design.  As subject matter experts, it is their responsibility to constantly review and adapt these programs and designs to effectively provide the technical advancements required to ensure the protection of personnel and assets while managing expenses.The ASM will be required to represent CSIS Management on several business committees, councils, boards, etc. throughout the geographical area. The ASM will partner with senior business representatives to support strategic initiatives involving security and fire/life safety issues.OPERATIONALThe ASM is responsible for ensuring the security and fire/life safety programs are current and assessments are being conducted according to CSIS policy.  The ASM will utilize resources within their geographical area to conduct assessments utilizing the most economical method. The ASM must be a subject matter expert on Access Control Systems and Project Management throughout the area and have the ability to step in and manage all aspects of the Security Managers responsibilities as needed.  In addition, they may be called upon to act as a security expert or represent the business during legal proceedings regarding security or fire/life safety issues.The ASM will provide CSIS Support for all internal and external audits throughout the area and will act as advisor for local business management and Security Managers for all security or fire/life safety issues.  In addition, ASM will establish and oversee processes within the area to ensure compliance to all standards, policies, regulations and laws are adhered to and documented.The ASM will coordinate all executive protection details throughout their geographical area to ensure all pre-event, event, and post-event activities are conducted without incident.The ASM will be responsible for preparing high-level reports/briefs/position papers for use by CSIS Senior Management.  These reports will by completed using statistical analysis, projected market changes, and current or projected business developments.FINANCIAL The ASM is responsible for an area budget that encompasses all cost centers within their geographical area.  In addition to managing the area budget, they are responsible for ensuring Security Managers are properly trained in budget management and are effectively managing their individual cost centers.  The ASM is responsible for utilization of resources throughout their geographical area within the area budget plan.  Each ASM is responsible for conducting monthly expense reviews with Security Managers and development of annual budgets within their geographical area. The ASM is responsible for review and approval of staff requisitions as well as TandE.  The ASM is responsible for obtaining approval from CSIS Senior Management for all non-budget expenses throughout their geographical areaSTAFF DEVELOPMENTThe ASM will be responsible for assisting HR in recruitment and selection of new employees and will be responsible for contract staff development throughout their geographical area.  The ASM will oversee a team of managers and will provide regular feedback, guidance and direction to their staff.  The ASM will ensure the proper coaching and development programs are in place.  It is the responsibility of the ASM to ensure training, succession planning, and continuation of business structure is developed within the chain of command.  The ASM will oversee and approve any disciplinary issues or other HR related issues involving staff. The ASM will ensure that staff development plans; performance evaluations, goals and objectives are documented within GTMS as well as utilize recognition programs for staff accomplishments.  DISASTER/EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESSThe ASM will be the Security Expert for Citi Businesses at a regional level. They will act as liaison to law enforcement and government agencies regarding security and/or disaster/emergency events that may occur.  Working with business COB groups, they will assist in development of emergency plans for both man-made and natural disasters.  The ASM will ensure Security Managers have developed programs locally to address minor incidents or major events that would impact local environment.  The ASM will be responsible for ensuring disaster plans have been coordinated with security vendors and preparations are in place for immediate response.  The ASM will conduct area wide exercises with Security Managers and contract security staff to ensure a constant state of readiness.ADMINISTRATIVEThe ASM is responsible for ensuring staff is properly administering invoice processing and approval, procurement/purchasing approval, and expense approval.  The ASM is responsible for ensuring compliance with all Risk Control Self Assessment reviews, records management and retention policies within their geographical area.  The ASM will conduct regular reviews with staff to ensure all areas within their responsibility are properly controlled and documentation is present for all audit items.  The ASM must ensure that all regulatory and business responsibilities are being met by staff and will conduct periodic workload reviews to ensure fair and equitable balance throughout the geographical area.

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