Construction Worker at Autodesk

Construction workers usually work repairing and building a variety of structures, buildings, highways, roads, and bridgesWork Activities:Erects scaffolding to work on high areas of a building.Removes waste materials like lead or asbestos.Uses trowels to smooth and finish freshly poured cement.Sprays materials like sand, paint, vinyl or stucco through hoses to coat surfaces.Unloads and loads equipment for distribution to proper locations at a construction site.Operates drills and jackhammers to break up old concrete prior to beginning new construction.Uses all types of power tools and large equipment including cement mixers, mechanical hoists and surveying equipment.Digs trenches and cleans rubble and debris from a site prior to starting  construction.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:Possesses good balance, depth perception and hand-eye coordination for safely operating tools and equipment and standing on tall beams and roofs.Stays in excellent physical condition and maintains high levels of stamina and endurance.Speaks both English 

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