Clinical Psychologist at Olive Prime Psychological Services

The Olive Prime Psychological Services - We are a new "mental health Outpatient service" based in Abuja, currently looking for the best hands that can provide excellent and client focused services.We are committed to providing individuals with a flexible pathway to full recovery in a way different from the conventional inpatient services. We intend to provide support for our service users where we engage them in various psychological therapies and other complimentary activities which in the long term equips them with a more realistic and flexible form of recovery.We are recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Clinical PsychologistLocation: AbujaJob DescriptionWe are currently on the look-out for exceptional, committed, innovative and highly motivated staff, willing to go an extra mile to support the organization to achieve its core objectives within a confidentiality driven service practice.Core Job FunctionsMaintain confidentiality of records relating to clients' treatment.Encourage clients to express their feelings and discuss what is happening in their lives, helping them to develop insight into themselves or their relationships.Collect information about clients through interviews, observation, or tests.Counsel clients or patients, individually or in group sessions, to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, or making changes.Conduct personality assessment and obtain a measure of severity of addiction and include the outcome in the treatment planWork in pari-pasu with rehab specialist in running 12 step group and also ensures the availability of addiction rehabilitation assistant (rehab specialist).Supervise the work of the addiction rehabilitation assistant (rehab specialist)Develop workbooks for patients in running all sessionsWork on identifying habits or behaviors that may interfere with recovery.Develop treatment plans and goals, which include identifying addictive patterns and behaviors.Monitor patient’s progress during therapy sessions and relate the progress to other members of the multidisciplinary teamAssess family patterns of behaviour geared towards identifying maladaptive behaviours in the family that has contributed to patient’s addictive lifestyle and ascertain if the patient has sufficient family support.Work hand in hand with the social worker by providing relevant information regarding pattern of relationship within patient’s family.Responsible for ensuring patient’s adherence to treatment plan.Document all sessions with patient.Guide clients in the development of skills or strategies for dealing with their problems.Prepare and maintain all required treatment records and reports.Evaluate clients' physical or mental condition, based on review of client information.Collaborate with other staff members to perform clinical assessments or develop treatment plans.Refer patients, clients, or family members to community resources or to specialists as necessary.Act as client advocates to coordinate required services or to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.Modify treatment activities or approaches as needed to comply with changes in clients' status.Counsel family members to assist them in understanding, dealing with, or supporting clients or patients.Evaluate the effectiveness of counselling programs on clients' progress in resolving identified problems and moving towards defined objectives.Discuss with individual patients their plans for life after leaving therapy.

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