Clinical Practice Manager at Teclab

Teclab is a specialist consulting firm dedicated to human resource services and management. Founded on a philosophy and style that has positioned her to consistently provide a reliable and effective work force as well as manage total overhaul, re-engineering and training services to her numerous clients since 2006.Job Title:Clinical Practice Manager Role TargetThis role is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Health Organization.Oversees, coordinates, and administers a range of operational Medical activities.Role ExpectationsThe successful candidate’s specific functions include:Compile the agenda for partnership meetings i.e., management/financial/clinical etc.Maintains accurate schedules, records, discrepancy reports, and follow-through Medical rules and regulations.Participates in the establishment, organization, and implementation of short- and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures; monitors and evaluates program effectiveness and effects changes required for improvement.Personally support the Partners in matters relating to management.Act as management adviser to the Partners.Arrange administration required of Training Practice i.e., prepare programme for medical students and registrarsEnsure proper conditions of employment, to include current employment legislation and recognized good practiceBe responsible for an effective appraisal/personal development system and any resulting training or disciplinary proceduresCommunicate agreed Practice Policy to staff and introduce systems to support such policiesEnsure compliance with all statutory and legal regulationsEffect and maintain Practice insurance policies; public and third party liability, employers’ liability, premises and equipment.Deal personally with any confidential matter about the Practice or the Partners and reports to any official or professional body.Perform any duty specifically designated by the Partners as being properly the responsibility of the Practice Manager. 

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