Chief Technology Officer at ChamsSwitch Limited

Starting off as a privately owned business in 1985 Chams Plc has successfully migrated from the business of Computer Maintenance to the business of developing enterprise technology solutions in identity management, transactional card-based services, e-commerce and mobile payment system.Chams Plc remains the leading provider of Information Technology solutions in Nigeria, providing intelligent solutions to a wide range of public and private sector initiatives. Chams PLC is reputed as the first home-grown company to be listed in Guinness Book of World Records, for setting up the ChamsCity Mega Digital Mall and also the first Computer Technology Company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.ChamsSwitch Limited is a member company of Chams PLCJob Title:Chief Technology OfficerJob descriptionThe Chief Technology Officer in partnership with the CEO is responsible for establishing the company’s technical visions, developing the product roadmap and leading all aspects of the company‘s technology development.Specialist in payment gateway application implementations (collaboration, design, review and approval).Work closely with and report to project managers on the execution of projects.Technical testing resource during applicable phases of the project lifecycle.Specialist in performing support for payment gateway applications post-implementation (past go-live) and performing administration procedures to ensure adequate performance of systems as per their functional requirements .The CTO is responsible for the engineering team, which consists of development, IT and QA.

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