Chief Executive Officer Job at Cheki Nigeria Limited

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Cheki Nigeria Limited
Job Type: Full Time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND MBA/MSc/MA
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Job Field; Administration / Secretarial Sales / Marketing
Cheki Nigeria Limited is an online marketplace where all of Nigeria’s leading car dealers, importers and private sellers post their cars for sale in Nigeria. We do not sell cars directly but rather offer a state of the art advertising medium for users to buy and sell their cars, 4WDs, vans, bikes and trucks and other vehicles.
Job Description:
. Setting strategy and direction.
. Modeling and setting the company’s culture.
. Building and leading the senior executive team.
. Advises the Board and advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission
. Supports motivation of employees in organization products/programs and operations
. Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the Board as well as decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff
. Oversees operations of organization and implement plans
. Assists in the selection and evaluation of board members. Also makes recommendations, supports Board during orientation and self-evaluation
. Targets and initiates business partnerships with other companies
. Oversees employment and ensures there are enough staff (and the right people)
. Manages senior managers
. Generates new business and gives approval of new projects
. Identifies risks and ensures appropriate strategies are in place
. Attends board meetings and other presentations
. Drives profitability of the business

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