Enhance candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate assessment. Our candidate assessments solution will help identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent.

It may appear that selecting talent would be easy; however, hiring managers and HR departments have their work cut out for them with a lot of résumés to go through. Assessment and Tests, when used as part of the hiring process, provide our clients with an effective way of sifting through applications and deciding which candidates are the most qualified for a specific job.

Our focus is to deliver an end to end service for our clients in managing their candidate application right through to selection, hire and onboarding. Our candidate assessment service includes:

  • Response Management
  • Candidate Testing (both technical and psychometric)
  • Assessment Centre
  • Shortlisting
  • Candidate feedback management
  • Interview arrangement and management

Our candidate assessment service has the capacity to manage process over 10000 applicants per client. This service is for clients who see value in managing high volume recruitment campaign while aiming to hire the best talent.