Business Development Intern (B.Sc & HND) at

Nigeria’s largest hotel booking platform is in search of smart, young people currently in their undergraduate studies or Pre-NYSC and live close to Yaba. The aim of this internship is to afford young undergraduates the opportunity to participate in a work environment, learn business lessons, find early mentors that could guide them, and understand the career opportunities that exist in the real world once they have concluded their undergraduate studies. This internship has a structured program that was particularly built to help the most qualified candidate grow.The key role of the intern would include but will not be limited to:Coordinate with your supervisor on how to achieve the objective of providing great hotel options/experiences in Nigeria.Working with the business team to improve business relationshipsSourcing for business contacts, and building a relationship with the proposed business contact throughout the prospect\'s time in the business pipeline.Quickly resolving business related problems that inhibit the work of other departmentsEnsuring that we have the best deal possible on every signed business.Reporting daily results and weekly strategies on how to achieve better results. 

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