AquaCulturist at Aquada Development Corporation Limited

Aquada Development Corporation Limited is a registered company located in Abia. Over the years, we have been committed to innovating new technologies and products that improve the quality of life while improving the built environment in which we operate. Our specializations range from food manufacturing, materials processing, process engineering and construction. To achieve this, the Corporation hires the best available talent to conceive and implement its ideas, while we create a dynamic and rewarding work environment to nurture and sustain this creative spirit.Due to business expansion and growth, we require the services of:Job Title: AquaCulturistLocation: NationwideJob DescriptionCollects marine lifePerform standard tests on water samples to determine water content using modern test equipmentsObserves appearance and actions of developing fish to detect diseases and add medication to food and waterSort fishes according to size, coloring and species and transfer fingerlings to rearing areasDrain and clean ponds, tanks and troughs and remove debris, predators, etcInsemination, filling hatchery trays with eggs and process including to discard dead, infertile or off-colour eggs, produce fingerlings, etcCount and weigh fish, record field data and prepares hatchery activitiesSelect marketable marine life, etc. 

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