Administrative & Logistic Manager  at Solidarites International (SI)

Solidarites International (SI) has not been active in Nigeria in the past and therefore has a limited experience in the country. SI sent a first exploratory team in Nigeria (North-Eastern States) for three weeks in April. A continued presence of senior managers has been maintained since mid-May in Borno state and Abuja. Additionally, SI registration in Nigeria is ongoing with the help of a local lawyer.Solidarites International has been operating in Borno State since July 2016, and is strongly focusing on the massive life-saving needs of the conflict-affected populations, through a 3-legged strategy:  We are recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Administrative & Logistic Manager  RolesThe Candidate works under the supervision of the administrative coordinator and of the Logistics Coordinator.The administrator - Logistician carries out administrative, accounting, financial and logistics management of his/her base, in compliance with donor and SOLIDARITES International procedures.He/she organizes logistics and administrative support to the programs.The administrator - Logistician is charged with ensuring that Solidarités International’s Human Resources policy is properly implemented as well as of the supervision of all the logistics and administrative activities at the base level.He supports monitors and trains the members of his administrative team.He/she assists the base Manager or the Field Coordinator to implement the security proceduresCapacity-building of the Admin-Log department staffsProvide adequate support to the activity manager (FSL&WASH)Communication in a non-English speaking contextIRC partner strong follow-up and capacity building in total autonomyManages the set-up of the base.Ensures good relations with local authorities including the Nigerian army officers.Manage storage of goods in respect of the transparency towards Nigerian 

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