Acting Academic Dean (Sciences) at Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN)

The Admiralty University of Nigeria was established as a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) through the joint efforts of Nigerian Navy Holdings (a subsidiary organization of the Nigerian Navy) and Hellenic Education Nigeria – (a private consultancy, with international educators as main partners).Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill Full-Time, Part-Time and Daily Part-Time vacancy in the Academic Department of the University:Job Title: Acting Academic DeanLocation: DeltaJob Type: Executive Academic PositionFaculty: SciencesOverall PurposeThe Dean is the academic leader of the Faculty and is responsible for its effective leadership, management and development within the framework of the University’s mission and strategic direction.Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor or Provost, s/he will be the Faculty’s leading representative in internal University and external business networking, and hold responsibility for developing the Faculty’s stakeholder relationships in a manner which is most likely to lead to the successful development and progress of the Faculty.The Dean will work with members of the senior management team to develop and implement University policy and to progress the University’s long term aims and objectives and will play a key role in institutional strategic planning and decision-making.Role SpecificationFaculty will be expected to develop their teaching materials and to deliver their lectures based on the following 5 principles:Teaching standards at ADUN will reflect the University’s moto – ‘Excellence in Education’.Faculty is expected to focus on developing high quality course content which would be grounded in current research and aligned to the requirements of relevant Professional bodies.Faculty is expected to develop and deliver their courses based on a flipped-classroom approach.This entails that teaching resources will be adaptable to an asynchronous eLearning environment and accessible through a self- paced learning platform.Furthermore, course content and its delivery will be configured towards maximising student engagement and face-to-face class time will mostly be used to run faculty-led tutorials.University Management:To make an active contribution to the University's strategic development.To play a full part in institutional activities.To represent and promote the interests of the University.Academic Leadership:To lead, manage and develop the Faculty's focus on the achievement of excellence in teaching and research nationally and internationally.To support activities to maximise the economic, social and cultural impact of research, asappropriate.To strengthen the Faculty's interdisciplinary links across the University by liaising, on behalf  of the Faculty, with other Deans, where appropriate, and Professional Service Heads to initiate and develop taught programmes, research programmes and develop international,national and regional links which span other Institutions and/or Services.To encourage the exploitation of Intellectual Property arising from the work of the Faculty.To ensure the development and implementation of appropriate Faculty policies.To ensure the delivery and ongoing development of the curriculum including cross-Faculty initiatives (in accordance with the quality assurance framework of the University) with responsibility for the development and delivery of appropriate strategies for teaching, learning and assessment.To personally maintain an appropriate academic contribution.Financial Management:To be responsible for the effective financial management of the Faculty and the effective deployment of resources.To promote and ensure effective coordination of Faculty bids for external funding and encourage revenue enhancement through income generation and endowments/gifts.To ensure that the Faculty operates within its delegated budgets and that financial and recruitment targets are met.Strategic Planning:To take responsibility for the development and promotion of a clear sustainable strategic vision for the Faculty's future development.To prepare for the planning process and, following approval, implement monitor and review a Faculty Plan which is consistent with the University’s Strategic Plan; Annual Operating Statement; and Policy Statements, and which is based upon sound market research andplanning.To identify priorities for strategic investment and meet the educational and research needs of business, charities, industry and public services so as to develop additional income streams for the Faculty and the University.People Management:To lead, manage and ensure the development of all staff of the Faculty, including the determination of arrangements for, and monitoring of, staff development and performance review.To advise on the appointment of Heads of Department and ensure the effective induction of Heads of Department.To oversee the development of effective mechanisms for the assignment of equitable staff workloads.To be responsible for the effective co-ordination and management of the Faculty's support infrastructure, including administrative and technical staff, ensuring that it works in an efficient and effective way in partnership with central professional services.To identify staffing needs in the Faculty and ensure that resources are realigned to meet the needs of Faculty Plans prior to seeking approval to fill posts.Governance:To ensure that the activities of the Faculty are undertaken in accordance with the governance, policy and regulatory frameworks of the University.To represent the Faculty at the various administrative appropriate bodies and ceremonies of the University.To chair the Faculty Board of Studies and chair/serve on other Committees, Working Parties and Groups of the Faculty as required.Marketing and Communications:To represent and promote the interests of the Faculty within the University and in external for a both nationally and internationally.To develop effective internal and external mechanisms which ensure the provision of effective channels of communication for staff, students and other stakeholders appropriate to an open, consultative institution.Physical Resource Management:To manage the physical assets of the Faculty, including space allocation.To be involved in the management of capital projects in the Faculty.Health and Safety:To ensure, at the level of the Faculty, the health and safety of staff, students and visitors in accordance with University requirements.General:To produce management and other reports as required.To undertake any other activities assigned from time to time by the Board and other Senior Managers.Further InformationAccountability In undertaking these responsibilities the postholder will clearly be able to delegate specific functions, but not accountability for them, to other individuals.Hours: This is a full time post. The nature of the post is such that the postholder will be expected to work flexibly and for such reasonable hours (minimum 40) as are necessary in order to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the post.Leave: 25 days per annum.

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