Accountant at Adron Homes and Properties Limited

Adron Homes and Properties is a leading Pan African Real Estate development company that provides the highest number of decent, accesisible, comfortable housing while achieving global housing standards. Our basic role at Adron Homes & Properties Limited is to secure suitable house for everyone, irrespective of social class, income level and all else. The world is a developing arena with continuous growth in population and it has become increasingly essential to devise very effective means of accommodation.We are recruiting to fill the below position:Job Title: AccountantLocation: LagosOverall ObjectivesTo be responsible for the hotel’s accounting and financial management requirements. Managing the accounting department, procurement function and electronic data processing systems.To provide the general manager and unit management team with meaningful and timely information on the status of the hotel’s performance.To assist proactively with cost containment, revenue enhancement, profit improvement opportunities and safeguarding of the company’s assets.Main DutiesRecords:To maintain proper and complete accounting records of the hotel.To ensure that the accounts, records and transactions of the hotel are accurate and correct at all times.Safeguarding of AssetsTo implement all necessary controls to safeguard the assets of the hotel.Financial Reports:To prepare and interpret the financial statements and reports of the hotel.Budgets and Forecasts:To compile, together with the other executives, budgets and forecasts covering all activities of the hotel.To compile treasury/cash flow forecasts for the business.Controls and Procedures:To ensure that the established controls and procedures in respect of the controller’s areas of responsibility are being complied with at all times.Cashiers:To ensure that there are, at all times, proper procedures and controls for the guest cashiers and other cashiers in the hotel, notwithstanding the fact that these areas are not the direct responsibility of the controller.To ensure proper controls for F&B cashiers.Receivables:To ensure that all receivables are collected within the hotel’s credit periods.Accounts Payable:To ensure that payments are made for all goods and services on a timely basis.To ensure that all payments are adequately supported by documentation, properly coded and properly authorized.To ensure that suppliers’ accounts are reconciled to the hotel’s records on a regular basis.VAT:To ensure that payments and returns are made accurately and on a timely basis to Customs and Excise in respect of value added tax.To ensure that compliance is continuous and that refunds are appropriately kept for inspection by external bodies.Purchasing, Receiving and Stores:To ensure that there are, at all times, proper procedures and controls for purchasing, receiving, stores and requisitioning.Expenditures:To check and approve expenditures (via purchase requests, expenditure approval forms and purchase orders) in accordance with established procedures.Payments:To approve and sign payments in accordance with established procedures.Bank Accounts:To ensure that bank account statements are checked on a daily basis.To ensure that bank accounts are reconciled each month.Income Audit:To ensure that all revenue due to the hotel is properly accounted for and reconciled.General Ledger:To ensure that all revenue and expenditure are properly recorded in the general ledger.To ensure that all balances are reconciled on a regular basis.General Cashier:To ensure that disbursements made by the General Cashier are properly authorized and adequately supported by documentation.To ensure that the float of the General Cashier is verified daily.Auditors:To liaise with internal and external auditors in compliance with the company’s requirements.Statutory Accounts:To assist in the preparation of the year end statutory accounts.Other Areas of Responsibility:TaxesLicencesPensionsCorporation taxCompany secretarial mattersRental of spaceAuditors (external and internal) 

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