Account Officer at Accion Microfinance Bank Limited

Accion Microfinance Bank Limited  - Established in 2006, began operations in May 2007 on license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Our management team comprises seasoned and distinguished professionals from diverse backgrounds complemented by the expertise of our technical partners, ACCION International. At Accion Microfinance Bank our core values, business philosophy and methodology distinguish us as one of the leading microfinance banks in Nigeria.Job ResponsibilitiesBuild and maintain portfolio of quality clients rapidly and consistently to reach target portfolio within assigned period.Liaise with community organizations, business associations, and individual entrepreneurs.Identify potential clients.Identify potential clients.Sensitize potential clients on all aspects of the loan program: procedures to apply, the terms and conditions, the incentives for good performance, and penalties for late repayment and default.Develop an accurate evaluation of each client?s capacity and willingness to repay the requested loan.Develop an accurate evaluation of each client?s capacity and willingness to repay the requested loan.Correctly complete loan application and evaluation processArrange and undertake business site visitsArrange and undertake business site visitsArrange and undertake business site visitsVerify and cross-check all information relevant to the loan application and evaluation.Evaluate the willingness and capacity to repay of the client.Ensure an appropriate guarantee is in place and documented.Determine and present loan terms and conditions to credit committee.Participate in credit committees providing input on other members? loan proposals.Prepare and present own loan proposals to credit committee.Develop relationship with each client to support the business success and cultivate loyalty.Monitor client business progress to identify any potential problems.Offer suggestions and referrals where appropriate and within company policy.Demonstrate a concern and build client rapport.Implement late repayment recovery procedures of Accion MfB.Achieve and maintain targets on portfolio at risk and loan loss.Emphasize the importance of on-time repayment with clients.Monitor repayment reports daily and client behavior patterns.Become knowledgeable and known in the assigned geographic zone.Build rapport with community, business associations and leaders.Be known and visible in the community.Develop goodwill of community towards Accion MfB.Provide support to peers and others within Accion MfB in uplifting its values and policies.

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