Vacancy for M&E Assistant at International Rescue Committee (IRC)

I.         JOB SUMMARY  The Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant will work closely with Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and the EH staff, and will be responsible for the development and administration of high quality M and E system in the EH project through; collecting, inputting, collating/organizing, analyzing and producing data for the proper implementation of the Environmental Health projects in Konduga. II.        RESPONSIBILITIES  A.     Data collection tools and database design (----% of time) §  Develop tools for the collecting regular projects’ activities and performances; §  Take part in the design of Microsoft Excel databases to store project/program accomplishment data; §  Work with the M&E Officer in designing data collection templates for surveys that needs to be conducted internally;§  Take part in designing electronic data entry templates for mobile/tablet data collection;§  Work with partner staff in designing both data collection tools and electronic templates;§  Design a strategy to collect filed level information required by IRC, donors and/or stakeholders;§  Work with the M&E and program team in standardizing the project M&E tools; B.     Data collection and analysis (--- % of time) §  Make sure the responsible persons for each and every data elements to compute project performances are assigned;§  Closely work with front line staff and volunteers to make so that projects data collected on timely fashion;§  Communicate and orient responsible partners or program staff on the use of the tools they are responsible for;§  Apply data cleaning techniques to ensure the quality of data collected from field;§  Tabulate and cross-tabulate the field data for further analysis by M&E Officers and program staff;§  Identify the data quality issues and bring to the attention of the M&E officer with proposed actions;§  Take part in the Data Quality Audits, share with program staff and document findings; §  With the support of EH teams, ensure high quality monitoring data in a timely manner: collate/organize data for reporting. §  Partake in routine monitoring missions as scheduled. §  With the support of M&E officer, train enumerators on administration of various Environmental Health questionnaires and data collection tools related to project monitoring, baseline and evaluations. §  With the support of M&E officer, train casual staff, data entry operators on data entering.  §  Timely report to M&E officer and Senior EH Manager.  §  Closely work with staff to ensure they follow correct procedures and criteria during beneficiary registration. C.     Capacity building and supervision (---% of time) §  Assist local partners in designing monitoring and reporting tools and establishing database management systems;§  Train enumerator hired for special studies or assessments;§  Organize orientation for front line staff, partners’ staff and volunteers on the monitoring tools and train them how to use data for decision making;§  Mentor and coach frontline staff and volunteers on issues related to data collection. D.     Perform other duties assigned by the supervisor (----% of time)§  Perform other task related assignment proposed by his/her supervisor/s

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