Vacancy for LEAD FINANCE OFFICER at Mactay Consulting

Job Responsibilities​​​​​​​·         Compliance of business transactions with Finance policies and global finance best practices·         Enlighten the team on budget process and coordinate budget preparation process·         Ensure the finalization of the audited accounts to avoid penalty for late returns and filing·         Time to produce Management accounts·         Processing of third party invoices within 5 days after receipt·         Review monthly bank reconciliation statements·         Provide management with a cash forecast weekly and monitor cash position daily·         Furnish account holders and management with details of outstanding invoices weekly debtors report weekly·         Develop and implement a client invoice tracker·         Communicate unretired advances to staff within 7 days after job completion.·         Ensure no duplication of payment on all vendor invoices.·         Ensure no duplication of payment on all vendor invoices.·         Ensure that the company does not suffer penalties due to non-compliance·         Process payment of in-house staff within 48 hours of receipt of payroll file·         Ensure payment and resolution of issues relating to outsourced payroll with 48 hours

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