Vacancy for Head of School at The Sycamore School

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of a B.A. degree, with knowledge of Montessori education preferred and/or a willingness to complete Montessori Head of School training program. Administrative experience in an educational setting with demonstrated leadership qualities required.PRINCIPAL DUTIES OF THE HEAD OF SCHOOL OVERALL • Responsible for the administrative success of all school programs. • Ensures that the school is in compliance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations.ORGANIZATION • Coordinates scheduling of, and attends, all required school functions and activities.FINANCE • Executes the financial policy set by the Board of Directors, including communicating Board policy and decisions to parents and prospective parents • Assists the bookkeeper and Board Treasurer with financial issues and long term planning. • • Assists in coordination and execution of fund-raising plans. • Serves as a resource for the Fundraising ChairPERSONNEL Teaching Staff: o Assists Head Teachers and Personnel Chair in recruitment of teaching staff o Supervises the Music teachers/programs, coordinating across all classrooms Non-Teaching Staff: o Selects and employs non-teaching personnel in conjunction with Board o Advises Board on the need to dismiss non-teaching staff when appropriate. Administers equitable systems of compensation, working conditions and professional development of all staff in cooperation with the Personnel Chair o Where necessary, counsels and advises school employees o Advises Personnel Chair.ENROLLMENT • Represents and explains the TSS school mission program to prospective families. • Oversees and coordinates recruitment of students. • Informs parents and prospective parents of enrollment policies. • Performs all admissions tasks necessary to achieve TSS objectives. • Oversees and coordinates enrollment of graduating sixth graders into respective middle schools.EDUCATION • Works with Head Teachers to coordinate curricula. • Helps guide Head Teachers in achieving their educational goals. • Coordinates and attends all Head Teachers meetings. • Serves as liaison between teachers and parents to resolve classroom issues. • Maintains school discipline policy in a consistent and respectful manner.PUBLIC RELATIONS • Coordinates all internal and external school communications. • Serves as spokesperson for TSS. • Maintains constructive liaisons with other educational institutions and associations. • Facilitates communication among all of the school’s constituents and encourages their participation in TSS activities and events. • Represents TSS in the community at large.SCHOOL FACILITIES, EQUIPMENT, DAILY OPERATIONS • Oversees daily operations of school, ensuring a safe and friendly environment. • Attends to tasks and responsibilities associated with successful operation of school (e.g. communication, security, maintenance) in an as-needed and sometimes hands-on capacity. • Supervises maintenance of all school equipment. • Supervises the maintenance of TSS as an aesthetically attractive and safe environment, in cooperation with the Maintenance Chair. • Maintains all lease and mortgage arrangements. • Advises Board on facilities and equipment improvement.OPERATIONS SUPPORT • Remains informed of trends, research and legislation that may affect TSS management, operation and policy. • Advises Board when policy changes or action may be necessary. • Maintains a comprehensive set of records on students, staff and prospective students.RESPONSIBILITY TO BOARD OF DIRECTORS • Serves as non-voting member of the Board and is expected to attend all Board meetings and functions. • Keeps the Board President informed of all aspects of school operations. • Brings to the Board’s attention issues that may require Board action or Board education. • Communicates all Board policies and changes to the teaching staff and non-teaching staff and to TSS members. • Serves as a resource for the Board in developing new policies and initiatives. • Serves as a resource for the Treasurer and the Board on financial matters. • Represents the Board and Board decisions and policies to parents when appropriate.

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