Vacancy for Head of Audit at Magrellos Fast Food

Responsibilities Direct the overall operations of audit department on behalf of the Management. Evaluate and provide reasonable assurance that risk management controls are functioning. Ensure efficient and effective performance as well as monitor adherence of internal controls companywide. Evaluate and mitigate for all recognized corporate risks and advise management. Ensure projects are prioritized based on risk and exposure and assist with project appraisals. Create an effective and strategic direction roadmap which covers the values, mission, and objectives of Internal Audit now and in the future. Ensure adequate corporate governance exists to provide transparency in business practices. Establish quality control programmes over Internal Audit activities, and ensure departmental processes, methodologies and work flows are effective companywide (including project planning, resource management, file review, reporting, and follow up). Embed minimum acceptable standards and control frameworks which meet our Internal Audit objectives. Ensure that Internal Audit staffs develop skills and knowledge which provide maximum value for the business, and which are relevant for career advancement. Maintain the independence and objectivity required by internal audit functions.Work with the Management to provide independent strategic support to add value and help them achieve their functional, departmental and corporate goals. 

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