Vacancy for Fiber QC at Mactay Consulting

1.Ensure Customer Satisfaction2.New Network/Node Handover3.Ensure Network Safety4.Productivity improvement5.Change Management/Access Management6.Publication of technical casesRESPONSIBILITIES.1. Maintain SLAs , 2. prepare list of requirements and common issues3. provide solution for the same.4. conduct regular meetings 5. To ensure end to end handover of all nodes/network. The main handover points can be CEAS Archive, Project Documentation-6. 6.LLD/HLD/IP Sheets/Network Diagrams etc, 7. Preventive maintenance8. Routine maintenance as per the product requirement ,9. Regular precaution bulletin applicability for the products 10. Identify all important updates and upgrades and implement the same.11. Ensure and track Backup of all nodes12. Ensure that 3 tickets ( issues ) are closed per engineer per day to ensure KPI , 13. Maintaining the track of software versions for different products 14. Making extensive use of support websites for self understanding of technology ,15. Conducting knowledge sharing sessions16. Approval Of Normal & Emergency CRs after verification of MOP/Post Checks/Pre Checks etc.17. Access Managemnt & To ensure no unauthorized access in the network18. Monthly Access Verification with respective ODs/Managers19. Analysis of different technical issues20. Publishing the same on support website.

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