Vacancy for Digital Marketing Strategist at ACE – A Creative Expression

·  Develops unique strategies and builds upon current client strategies within the digital arena to meet/exceed objectives·  Executes high quality projects, on time and cost-effective/on budget·  Co-ordinating projects by communicating effectively with client & production team to follow all steps to ensure project stays on track.·  Understanding client’s needs and internal resources available to execute such needs throughout project cycle by clearly and proactively managing communications between company staff and clients.·  Manages client expectations, bringing issues/concerns to clients' attention before they become problems, offering potential solutions, and advising of potential delivery delays·   Work with creative team to bring ideas into the mix, offer suggestions, research, ability to share & constantly learn new technology.·  Works with project managers to ensure team is aligned to client requirements·  Proactively keeps abreast of assigned clients' marketing and media plans, and provides technological solutions including rich media, site optimization, promotional ideas, mobile, social networks, viral, etc.·  Writes communications briefs, ensuring that creative and media are effectively integrated·  Manages research studies that yield rich insights into consumer online behavior and key motivational/attitudinal behavior·  Develops a total understanding of online target audience and mindset modes·  Quality assurance including proof reading and ensuring that all work presented to clients meet specifications and brand mandates·  Reviews statements and estimates of work prior to client review·  Provides campaign performance reporting and analysis to clients ·  Ensures accountability is established during the project planning process

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