Technical and Market Lead Country Coordinator at John Snow Incorporated (JSI)

Description Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC) Technical and Market Lead (TML) is a three-year project led by PATH. John Snow Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) is a sub-grantee to PATH. DMPA-SC is an innovative subcutaneous injectable contraceptive that currently being introduced in many countries, with a focus on increasing women’s access to safe, effective contraception within a context of contraceptive method mix and informed choice. The DMPA-SC TML project will work with country stakeholders and facilitate coordination of DMPA-SC introduction and scale up planning in 8 – 12 priority countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Nigeria is a proposed priority country and JSI will provide lead support for the project in Nigeria.Each priority country will have a TML coordinator. In Nigeria, the TML coordinator will be responsible for working with key stakeholders to facilitate and coordinate efforts to ensure successful DMPA-SC introduction and scale-up. The coordinator will provide support that is complementary to existing and potential DMPA-SC introduction and scale up efforts; this complementary support will help avoid duplication, address existing gaps and ensure added value. He/she will support routine coordination with the MOH and country partners, assisting partners to monitor DMPA-SC introduction and scale up progress. RESPONSIBILITIES Work with existing MOH-led Family Planning Program Technical Working Group (FPTWG) to ensure project adds value in support of the development and implementation of the DMPA-SC introduction/scale up planSupport the MOH/FPTWG and relevant family planning partners to develop a comprehensive, total-market, country-level introduction/integration plan for DMPA-SC. IncludesGathering key information required for the introduction plan, including information on potential introduction channels and the costs of implementing the plan.Supporting development and use of a monitoring plan and supporting indicators to monitor progress and identify bottlenecksSupport MOH to regularly convene country stakeholders to report on plan implementation progress and monitor indicatorsidentify technical assistance needs and funding gaps and mobilize incountry solutions (where possible). For those issues not addressed incountry, elevate to the TML global team for assistance. Support capacity building and systems strengthening efforts to ensure DMPA-SC introduction and scale up can be sustained. IncludesSharing tools, resources, and methodologies among all stakeholders to build capacity and ownership; foster learning and best practices.Facilitating participation in the TML Learning and Action Networks (LANs). Monitor and report to the TML global team on routine indicators and overall progress so that information feeds into the global monitoring and learning system.For day to day operations, the TML Country Coordinator will report to the Country Program Leader (JSI field office leader).The Country Coordinator will receive regular technical backstopping and support from the TML’s Regional Technical Advisors.  

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