Store Hygiene Officer at Tom-Richards Consulting

Tom-Richards Consulting envision a business climate in Nigeria which is gradually revolutionizing into a global one to be guided by key universal business principles. This has been our driving force and has led to a reinvention of our service offerings and our mode of delivery. We are highly energetic and self-motivated to take our clients to the top of their industry and to maintain such position. The proprietary tools we use are generated in-house and highly probing to unravel minor issues beneath the obvious.Job Title: Store Hygiene OfficerLocation: Lagos Job Description:Maintain 100% cleanliness and tidiness at all times Displays should be in order and functioning properly  Eg: TV's should be ON at all times through the Hdmi Splitters having the Hdmi videos running Display merchandise should be scratch free/dent free and clean from any form of Dust, etc. Price Tags should be clean and neat and perfectly placed inside the Tag Holders of appropriate size.Showroom Lights should be 100% functioning at all times. Promotional Material should be properly distributed and not lying around the showroomUnnecessary POS materials or note pads, or any rubbish should not be found lying inside the Showroom. Display Stands should never be empty and should at all times have the appropriate Merchandise on Display. 

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