Senior Procurement Officer at Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is an International non-governmental organization supporting relief and development work in over 99 countries around the world. CRS programs assist persons on the basis of need, regardless of creed, ethnicity or nationality. CRS works through local church and non-church partners to implement its programs, therefore, strengthening and building the capacity of these partner organizations is fundamental to programs in every country in which CRS operates. CRS re-established presence in Nigeria in 2000 and currently focuses on vulnerable children, agriculture, health and HIV, extractives and governance, and peace building programming.We are recruiting to fill the position below:Job Title: Senior Procurement OfficerAdvert Code: SPO7617Location: Abuja Office                Department: Operations                Band: D-1        Reports To: Procurement Manager        Key ResponsibilitiesCRS procurement policies and procedures must always aim to be in alignment with The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s(“Global Fund”) procurement requirements.The Global Fund’s procurement principles include value for money; competition; efficient and effective procurement; impartiality, transparency and accountability; and procurement ethics, all of which CRS’s procurement systems are designed to ensure.Preparation and Planning:Consult with the CoP and Workstream Leads to identify the main types of goods and services that will be needed in near term based on the current portfolio of programs and operations, and use this to conduct regular market assessments of best sources and prices.Ensure the Procurement Plan (Post RFGS) is completed, updated and housed on the OneDrive.Ensure Procurement Production Plan meetings are conducted at the outset of each large procurement to ensure all individuals involved in the procurement process (Procure-to-Pay) are clear on their tasks.Update Production Plans in real-time and house them on the OneDriveEnsure coordination with the GF Admin Manager on the Pre-RFGS project Production plan occurs weekly and lead times are adequately considered for each procurementProactively consult with peer agencies and private sector to identify new potential suppliers that can be added to our updated Approved Supplier List (ASL), and whenever possible develop relationships with closest source to production or importation, and explore making bundled orders with peer agencies to negotiate better prices and terms based on joint economies of scale.Maintains continued working relationship with local suppliers, visits stores and production facilities to ensure contract terms are respected whenever situation warrants.Ensure all items are either included on the CRS Nigeria IDEC or the M-Form and SONCAP process is begun with adequate time to easily import items into the countryKeep abreast of any changes in governmental taxes (sales, VAT), duty fees, levies and importation procedures.Procurement Process:Ensure that all procurement is done efficiently per CRS Policy, the CRS Procurement Manual – specifically the Global Fund annex and consistent with the Guide to Global Fund Policies on Procurement and Supply Management of Health Products.Ensure that all actions are governed by the highest standards of ethics, personal and business conduct as stipulated in CRS Policy and the CRS Procurement Manual.Suggest any new ideas to improve procurement efficiencies to the HOOPs,Review all GF Purchase Requisitions (PRs) and verify price target that all specifications and requirements are clear and that all corresponding authorizations have been obtained.Ensures that all Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) clearly present all specifications and requirements as stated in the PR.Receive and review all bids and quotations in accordance with price target and specs, and prepare quotes summary sheet.Organize Bid Review Committees (BRC) if needed, and ensure they follow all BRC guidelines as stipulated in the CRS Procurement Manual.Ensure the BRC analyzes all bids in a competitive manner and carefully considering all costs and benefits including those not presented on bids explicitly.Note:  Senior Procurement Officer is a non-voting member of the Bid CommitteeAlways negotiate with suppliers regarding price reductions, preferred payment and delivery terms, and shipping options when necessary.Ensure that all applicable purchases > $5k complete a Global Procurement Requisition Form to HQ procurement with local pricing information, and if it is determined that the best source is local then make sure to receive a Local Purchase Approval from HQ before preparing a LPO.Once all required steps have been completed depending on the value of the procurement, then: make the selection of the best supplier with regards to price, quality and delivery; determine payment and delivery terms; prepare the Purchase Orders (PO); and draw up contracts as needed.Ensure that all procurement is processed for all applicable exonerations as established in the Host Country Agreement or through Donor Agreements, and draft any exemption letters for VAT, duty and tax whenever necessary.Ensure compliance with national Laws and Regulations when procuring health products, it is always critical that CRS complies with applicable laws and regulations.Ensure Compliance with Clinical and Quality Standards in that only medicines and diagnostic products which appear in the current national, institutional and/or WHO Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) and/or List of Essential Medicines can be procured.Recordkeeping and Reporting:Ensure proper filling of all procurement documents for recordkeeping and auditing, and maintain orderly files on active orders and post activities such as change notices, scheduling changes and partial shipments.Maintain an Approved Supplier List (ASL) within the GF project purview with updated information on pricing by goods and services and performance ranking based on recent post-delivery evaluations.Creates vendor files with all necessary details by service category (e.g. stationery suppliers, electrical items suppliers, machine suppliers, etc.).Track the status of each procurement request and update management and requestors through regular Procurement Status Reports (PSRs).Periodically generate an evaluation report on supplier/vendor performance with recommendations based on service delivery/track record (at least every 6 months).Communication, Coordination and Other Duties:Ensure personnel designated to receive (admin. or logistics) have as much advance notice as possible of expected delivery of goods and to be ready to prepare fully the Goods Received Note (GRN).Provides details of fixed assets procurements (type, quantity, supplier, price, fund/project number, name of partner, etc.) to the personnel responsible for property management.As needed and always respecting segregation of duties recommendations, coordinate with the administration or logistics staff personnel assigned to receive procured goods whenever there is a problem encountered with completing their established functions correctly and in a timely manner, as established in the CRS Procurement Manual:Verify that the goods and invoices received meet the quantity, price and specifications on the Purchase Order/Contract document;Complete a Goods Receiving Note (GRN) for all goods received;Inform the requesting personnel and the PO that their goods have been received;Enter the goods into inventory, and storage if needed; Submit the GRN and the supplier invoice to the designated non-procurement personnel responsible for conducting 3-way matching (invoice, PO, GRN) and payment request processing.Following segregation of duty recommendations, work with staff person(s) assigned in admin. or logistics for receiving to resolve any quantity discrepancies between PO and supplier's delivery note/waybill.As needed and always respecting segregation of duties recommendations, communicate with suppliers to return any damaged goods or mis‑ordered goods to suppliers, and ensure substitution or completion of goods ordered if still applicable.As needed and always respecting segregation of duties recommendations, coordinate with non-procurement personnel assigned to carry out 3-way matching (invoice, PO, GRN) and payment request processing whenever there is a problem encountered with completing their established functions correctly and in a timely manner, as established in the CRS Procurement Manual to make sure that these tasks are completed correctly and in a timely manner.As needed, and respecting segregation of duties recommendations, follow up with finance team to ensure timely payments as per contracts and purchase ordersAssist in the preparation of award letters, agreements, memos and letters as neededKeep requestors informed of the status of all local and international orders until orders are received.Coordinate with other departments to make sure PRs, supplier quote responses, and POs are complete and clear.Responds to audit queries in a timely and professional manner when necessary.Collects information on price of goods and services whenever needed for budgeting or planning purpose.When necessary and within acceptable parameters, expedite requisitions and orders to meet urgent operational needs. Ensure vigilance against fraudulent activities in all procurement processes and keep up to date with latest guidance for fraud prevention.Assist in advancing the use of new technologies and applications to improve procurement process efficiencies.Contribute to maintaining teamwork, discipline sound work relationships and productivity.Provides support and training on procurement management to CRS staff and partners as found necessary by management.Provide coverage for other staff when required by workload or absence, and perform additional duties as assigned.Key Working RelationshipsInternal: HQ Global Procurement Team and all relevant Global Fundstaff making requisitions or with process roles from: Programming, Finance, Logistics, Administration, IT and the GF Procurement Assistant.External:GF Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM),Suppliers, revenue authorities, customs officials, freight forwarders, transporters, consultants, donors, and peer agencies.Management:The Senior Procurement Officer will manage the GFTAM Procurement AssistantAgency-wide Competencies (for all CRS Staff) These are rooted in the mission, values, and principles of CRS and used by each staff member to fulfill his or her responsibilities and to achieve the desired results:Serves with IntegrityModels StewardshipCultivates Constructive RelationshipsPromotes LearningPersonal Skills:Must be scrupulously honest and always foster an atmosphere of trust and integrity.Good computers and IT skills, fully capable with Microsoft Office (MS Word, Excel and PPT), and experience conducting internet sourcing and price comparisons.Demonstrated ability to perform fast, efficient and cost effective procurement service while maintaining the agency's high standards.Good negotiator.Experience conducting market research.Good data analysis skills.Committed to always providing highest possible customer service.Good organizational skills.Excellent interpersonal communication skills and relationship builder.When necessary can relay ideas and concepts to partners in an accessible manner. 

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