eRecruiterNigeria is like no other recruitment consulting firm. We are very results driven, we believe in demonstrating value first to our clients. We are not about pretty reports, exorbitant and upfront fees that give the industry a bad name. We tie our fees to the candidates’ resumption date. In fact almost all our revenue is success based.

At eRecruiter Nigeria, we believe the client and candidate is key to our growth and success. Thus we have taken steps to make this Triumvirate relationship work effectively. This is how we do it:

We Listen: to our clients’ requirements and challenges they currently face. With our substantial experience in all our specialist areas we can deliver accurate and high quality service to our client.

We Understand: We strive to understand our clients’ recruitment challenges and priorities as well as our candidates’ career goals.

We Deliver: through a range of search methodologies deployed across our specialist areas. With substantial investment in technology and effective research tools we can deliver high quality shortlist in a short time. We constantly talk to both active and passive candidates. Hence we have a huge diverse pool of quality candidates.