Project Manager, NENTAD EiE at Save the Children

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children. We work in 120 countries. We save children’s lives; we fight for their rights; we help them fulfil their potential. We work together, with our partners, to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.We are recruiting to fill the vacant position below: Job Title: Project Manager, NENTAD EiELocation: BornoRole PurposeReporting directly to the Area Manager[JM1] , the jobholder is responsible and accountable for the overall management and implementation of North East Nigeria Transition to Development (NENTAD) programme, new partnership initiation, development and management, programme budgeting, budgetary and financial management, programme and financial reporting, human resources management, and administrative trouble shooting and support within the region.Technical programme management and implementation responsibilities include developing project plans, budgets and implementation plans, managing the accomplishment of targeted results and indicators, oversee programme budgets and accounts to ensure adherence to approved budget and work plans, undertaking routine budget monitoring and budget revisions, leading in the definition of M&E plans and indicators, monitoring and supervising sub recipient partners, preparing timely and high quality programme and financial reports, and taking initiatives and actions to ensure that programme implementation is in compliance with all Save the Children and donor requirements, rules and regulations.In addition the manager will ensure effective representation liaison between Save the Children and other INGOs, CSOs, Local Authorities and visiting donors and stakeholders at the local and regional level to promote extensive participation and complementarity of Save the Children programme and activities.The manager is also responsible for providing technical assistance and appropriate monitoring and evaluation in emergency responses.Key Areas of AccountabilityProject Planning, Implementation  and Management: The Project Manager leads the kick off meeting and the end of the project meeting, which is due between 3 – 6 months before the end of the projectPreparing, managing and regularly updating the project activities work plan, procurement plan and financial plan, ensuring timely and quality implementation in compliance with the defined project design, Country Strategy as well as donor guidelines.Collaborate with the Area Manager, State and LGS officials to select the areas of implementation.Lead the preparation and implementation of the programme based work plans, M&E indicators in accordance with Save the Children and donor guidelines to ensure and guarantee effective programme activities delivery.Monitor and oversee the day to day implementation of the programmes and projects to ensure compliance with the agreed work plans and that programme objectives and targets are being realised in line with the funding proposals.Lead the expansion and understanding of Save the Children working principles and approaches (partnerships, child participations, child rights programming etc) throughout the programme and follow up to ensure that these approaches are effectively implemented.Ensure that all staff, partners and stakeholders implementing Save the Children projects have clear understanding of Save the Children mission, vision and values, goals, priorities and policies and that these are reflected in programme implementation.Conduct regular programme review meetings with the relevant partners and stakeholders to enhance information sharing and improve efficiency and effectiveness of programme implementation and operations.Initiate and develop alternative mechanisms for optimal implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of programme activities.Maintain high standard of transparency and accountability in the course of programme implementation while ensuring integrity and timeliness of activities implementation in meeting programme objectives, compliance with donors & Save the Children policies.Provision of regular operations and implementation updates on programme progress and challenges to allow for timely interventions and corrective actions by management.Ensure the timely reviews and adjustments for the programme operational and implementation plans and budgets as may be required from time to time.Human Resources Management and Development:Provide line management and supervision of all the project staffWorking together with the Area Manager [JM1] and Programme Team to identify learning and development needs of the programme teams and develop specific plans to address the learning needs.Support implementation of the Save the Children performance management system, by supporting, supervising and reviewing performance of the NENTAD EiE Project team through.Establishment of clear, measureable objectives, ongoing feedback, periodic reviews and fair and unbiased evaluations;Coaching, mentoring and other developmental opportunities;Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance;Documentation of performance that is less than satisfactory, with appropriate performance improvements/ work plansCapacity building of project officer through trainings, coaching, performance management, implementation as well as in learning and reflection eventsSetting and managing staffing targets, performance and prioritiesCollaborate with Country office technical staff to build the technical capacity of staff that work on the NENTAD EiE Project through one-on-one coaching, mentoring, observations on performance and deliverables, promotion of strengths and attention to capacity gaps.Conduct monthly project management meetings to enable adequate staff support.Support the development of an organizational culture that reflects our dual mandate values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation, and frees up our people to deliver outstanding results for children and excellent customer service for our members and donors.Partnership Development:In close collaboration with members of the regional team, provide technical capacity building to partners in the EiE, early recovery, accountability, systems and any other areas of a strategic nature, and support Senior Officers to ensure effective and efficient supervision and monitoring of partners’ implementation of the NENTAD EiE Project and budgets.Work with regional technical managers to provide support to Save the Children International partners in planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and documentation.Participate in partner’s capacity assessment to identify and recommend capacity building needs for the partnerProvide technical capacity building and support , in implementation and ensure quality control by partners in the NENTAD EiE ProjectRecommend strategic partnership in NENTAD EiE Project areas for consideration by partnership management teams.Support partners in linking, networking with other institutions at regional and levels as well as support partners in developing funding proposals to create synergies and enhance sustainability of NENTAD EiE project goals.Support partners to develop their competence and capacity in fundraisingConduct monthly partner meetings and participate in quarterly partnership monitoring. Develop with the partners detailed work plans and budgets to cover and implement a selected programme.Monthly monitor and follow up the implementation of the agreed work plan and budget to ensure that the programme objectives are being realized in accordance to the programme and partnership agreement and take the necessary actions for any identified deviations; ensure that partner reports and accountabilities are submitted monthly.Participate in partner’s capacity assessment to identify potential partners to work with in different areas and share the information with the Line Manager.Monthly provide technical capacity building and support, in implementation and ensure quality control by partners during project implementationSupport partners in linking, networking with other institutions  at regional levels as well as support partners in developing  funding proposals in collaboration with the project CoordinatorsMonitor monthly partner programme and budget performance and ensure monthly submission of narrative and financial reports by partners as well as 80% budget utilisation.Monthly monitor project implementation with the partners and ensure that implementation,Support partners in linking, networking with other stakeholders at LGA and Statel level as well as build partner capacity in resource mobilizationBi-annually identify institutional capacity building needs for partners and build/ link them to support to strengthen their capacity to address children’s and youth’s issues.Resource Mobilization:Working in collaboration with the Education and other Technical Specialists, engage actively on the review process for the education concept notes, position papers, and proposals.Support the process of information gathering and analysis necessary for the development of specific project concept notes and proposals.Financial Management:Have responsibility for project budget control and monitoring to ensure adequate accountability and budget utilization in accordance donor requirements and approved work plans, strategic objectives and Save the Children finance policy and procedures.Overseeing the specific budget performance for NENTAD EiE Project to ensure that project implementation is on course and timely as per the work plans. Ensure a monthly budget expenditure of at least 96%.Annual planning and budgeting for the project in line with the planning and budgeting guidelines and timelinesDevelopment of programme and project budgets including the cash transfer plans to guarantee availability of funds for programme implementation at all levels.Responsible for monitoring and revising as necessary project budgets and ensuring that funds are used optimally and accounted for in accordance to the funding contracts and agreements.Undertaking monthly budget monitoring in order to ensure accuracy of financial reports, manage budget variances, explain variances and propose measures for managing the variances.On quarterly basis, review all programme budgets to ensure that budgets are revised and rephrase timely and spent within donors budgets and expenditure guidelines and no-cost extensions/cost extensions are timely requested for.Ensure that all financial policies and regulations relating to cash flow management, expenditure controls, cash management, accounting information, advances management as put in place for the management and control of funds are followed by the staff and partners in implementing the different programme activities.Support partners and staff in making decisions regarding budget allocations and utilizations and alerting management to any financial mismanagement which may arise in the course of programme implementation.Monitor and manage over or under spending in a timely manner in line with standardsSubmit accurate financial reports to the donor on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basisWorking with finance team and line manager to ensure timely accountability and accurate financial reporting for the NENTAD EiE Project as per SCI policy and donor requirements.Ensure that all budget adjustments are in line with the donor requirements and SC members are informed and approve budgetary changes.Develop realistic, detailed plans, budget and proposals with consultation of the community members, children and other key stakeholders.Programme monitoring and reporting:Facilitate effective monitoring, evaluation, accountability, learning, documentation and reporting  in line with agreed project targets and standards:Establish functioning project level M&E system and utilization of the information from the M&E database;Up-date the beneficiary database monthly or quarterlyDevelop project quality benchmarks and ensure that the issues in the MEAL Action Tracker are implementedEstablish and ensure a functional accountability platforms for information sharing and feedback.Manage project information, documentation processes, and ensure effective communication of the program/project results.Provide monthly reports (progress against planned activities, expense against estimated budget, etc) of project activities to the Regional Area Manager as per agreed schedule.Prepare semi-annual and annual reports of project activities (progress against delivery of outputs and achievement of outcomes, etc) to the donors, State and country Office as per agreed schedule.Ensure appropriate filing and availability of documentation required for internal and external communications, accountability, audits, evaluation purposes and reportingSupervise on-going program assessments, evaluation and operational research studies, and take lead in utilizing the recommendations to improve programming.Ensure Quality and timely delivery of assessments and plans by field projects.Submit quality and timely monthly, bi-annual and annual reports.Lead the process of developing project baselines and evaluations ToRs, 3 months before the date of effective implementation.Support proper documentation of NENTAD EiE Project activities conducted –case studies, best practices and Compile and submit regular progress reports on the planned implementation activities to Line Manager.Ensure appropriate filing and availability of documentation required for internal and external communications, accountability, audits, evaluation purposes and reportingSupervise on-going program assessments, evaluation and operational research studies, and take lead in utilizing the recommendations to improve programming.Document vital project documents including fund summary, project proposal, M&E plan, monthly, semi-annual and annual reports, reports on activities implemented (approved concept, activity report and attendance lists) Community Empowerment and Impact:Innovatively support children, parents, schools and communities to participate, own and benefit from the project interventionsMobilize and facilitate active participation of children, school, parents and leaders to participate in planning, monitoring and implementation of community development initiatives.Build the capacity of children, school, parents, communities and leaders to collectively engage local leaders on issues identified.Liaise and follow-up on commitments made by leaders on improvement of the youth wellbeing.Support functional independent youth advocacy platformsCommunication and Documentation:Profile project impact, success stories, most significant change stories, captivating photographyDocument and share best practices and human interest storiesManage donor and SC branding and visibility through media visits, sharing reportsAdvocacy, Networking and Representation:Represent Save the Children externally at Regional, State and LGA levels, Sector Working Groups/meetings, work groups, development forums workshops, and via personal networking.Ensuring that the Save the Children programme experience is represented and given recognition at State, LGA and regional meetings and workshops, donor, networks.Actively promote and develop advocacy objectives for the NENTAD EiE Project in consultation with the Advocacy Team, Education TAs and Area Manager.Network with other Save the Children International interventions in their areas of operation to improve synergy and holistic approach to child support.Ensure that the project activities are integrated and recognized in the States and LGAs of operation.Ability to adhere to the SC Child Protection Code of Conduct, Security Guidelines, Chronic Illness Policy and ethical principles.Bi-annually and annually submit a State specific project progress report on what has been accomplished; highlighting the achievements and learning areas.Annually share with the State and LGAs project plans and activity budgets.Represent SCI and network on the EiE working group and Basic, Early Childhood education sub theme both formal and informal education to external stakeholders.

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