At eRecruiter Nigeria , we believe that a deep understanding our client’s requirement is the beginning of our success in delivering any project. As a result our project approach is as follows:

Initial Request from Client- This is either by phone, email, web chat or setting up a meeting via our contact form. eRecruiter Nigeria will respond and fix a meeting time.

Discuss Client’s Situation – During our initial meeting/phone call/web chat with our client, we ensure we capture the background situation to the client’s request/problem.

Identify Problem – eRecruiter Nigeria will ensure that the client’s problem is identified and analysed. We then ask more questions about the problem.

Find out Impact on business – We also endeavour to find out what impact the client’s problem has on the business/ organisation/company, this usually ‘paints’ a full picture of the enormity of the clients problem.

Agree Client’s Needs – After our analysis, we then agree the client’s needs, and recommend the most appropriate solution e.g candidate or recruitment strategy or sourcing strategy e.t.c

Deliver Results – eRecruiter Nigeria is proud to say that because we always deliver, we always end up becoming an extension of the client’s HR/Recruitment department.